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Discussion in 'Medals' started by accidentalscaley, Feb 26, 2006.

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  1. I have loads of medals and i want more, the Op Althea medal is a piece of sh1t but i want to wear it cos i spent 6 months living in sh1te working for absolute d1ckheads, wanqy reservists and fat lazy disgusting piles of sh1te that pass as the territorial signallers of today, so in recognition of this i want to wear the Op Althea medal with all my other NATO medals. Chippy or not, i want to wear it so the guys in my unit can see how many times i have served in that arshhole of the world. And yes i did spend 6 months getting massive and drinking my nights away when i wasn't working. Blah blah blah, slipper city yap yap yap, no one cares what you have to say, i carried a weapon and the choggys wanted to kill me for being there, its not a contact every day, iraq tour, none the less, its a tour and we got a medal for it. Now i want to wear the bleeding thing. CAN WE OR NOT!!!!!!!!!
  2. So why are you asking us?
  3. accidentalscaley wrote

    i think we have a "mutley" on our hands here chaps..................medal-medal-medal-gimme-gimme-gimme!!!!!!!
  4. As far as I know, you can only wear the Op Althea medal if you don't currently have a Non Article 5 for that area... But I've found that it's one of those things that no one seems to know about! I've just gone ahead and put my 2s in the tailoress because I haven't got any other 'decent' medals! :D
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  5. I'd be careful there mate - you could drop yourself seriously in the brown stuff for wearing a medal ribbon without authorisation, not to mention having the p iss ripped out of you from now unto the end of time :wink:
  6. To my knowledge the NA5 medal replaced the Kosovo and Bosnia medals. You wouldn't be awarded the NA5 or the EUFOR medal if you already have any of the latter two. Neither would you be awarded the EUFOR medal if you have the NA5 medal.
  7. MISU is currently staffed by 201 Sig Sqn, 1 (UK) ADSR, prior to that it was 229 (Berlin) Sig Sqn, 7 Signal Regt. Before that it was MNTFSU SFOR. You, Sir, are full of sh1t!


  8. The above is exactly what I have been briefed, however I am sure the answer will be contained in a DIN (previously DCI) if you can be ARRSED to trawl through them
  9. Only my two pennance worth but you do get the medal but its as a keepsake!
  10. On the basis that you can only wear one medal for one Theatre, if you have previously served in the Balkans and have either an UNPROFOR or NATO medal you cannot wear the EUFOR medal. I am, however, not 100% sure what the overall status of the EUFOR medal is as, up until 9 months ago, the application to wear it had not been made to DS Sec. At the time, there was a debate over whether the risk and rigour factors warranted the award of a medal but the Army's view was that Bosnia involved just as much, if not more, risk and rigour as those deployed on UN operations in Cyprus!

    Notwithstanding the overall policy issues, accidental's attitude towards the wearing (or collection) of medals reflects precisely that which is likely to make the scrutiny of awards even more rigorous in the future and return us to the position we were in 20 years ago, when the only medals on people's chests were the NI GSM (to cease on the ending of OP BANNER) and the odd BEM/MBE. Medals should commemorate events of military significance or of individual achievement, not doing the job we are paid to do on a day to day basis.
  11. Good to see you know what you are talking about. When i was with MNTFSU SFOR, half of it was manned by reservists and TA. so do one! I thank you
  12. Oh yeh and another thing, before it was 229 Sigsqn it was manned by 212 Sigsqn, after MNTFSU SFOR, so again you don't know what you are talking about, i was on that tour as well. Get bent!
    Again, I thank you
  13. Sorry chaps, medal not yet approved so brown stufff could be heading your direction if wearing it.
  14. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Are you absolutely sure? A mate has just shipped his onto his blues for his wedding!