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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Chris_2oo6, May 15, 2009.

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  1. im off on tour soon for 8 glorious months

    will i get paid the basic £2300 op allowance or will i get 8 months worth of X amount per day (whatever the current rate is)

  2. Its around £13 a day IIRC.
  3. £13.08 per day paid at the end of the tour. The HR admin can input to be paid in the month of return so it is waiting for you when you get back.
  4. Does Op Brockdale get Op Allowance?
  5. How? As far as I was aware it is a start / stop allowance tied to arrivals and JPA will not accept future dates.
  6. Yes that is what I thought too but some of our personnel have had it done in theatre by RAF personnel and it works fine. I went to do one last month only to find it was already paid on the April SOE with an end date in May.

    It isn't completely tied to arrivals as it is done under the Unit HR admin menu.
  7. With the advent of longer tours for Div and Bde HQ's they are looking at better packages. I saw a notice a few weeks ago where the whole Op allowance, LSSA and POTL thing is being looked at for 9 and 12 month tours.
    Having said that it didn't look brilliant, but its a start.
  8. They kept that one quiet...
  9. mmmmmm good one "Op Brockdale", I've been told NO, it doesnt attract Op Allowance or OSM however, I have seen NO DIN to verify this? Any one else HELP!!???
  10. It is the same rules as the rest of the TELIC AOR - it depends where you are - Baghdad, COB - both (although it is the Iraq medal rather than the OSM). KSF? No medal, can't answer you on Op Allowance (it used to count, unlike KCIA - but might not anymore). Al Udeid - no, but you do have the swimming pool to console you!
  11. Camp Beuhring gets Op Allowance, not sure on other areas of Kuwait
  12. Correct (rightly or wrongly), CB is the only place in Kuwait that gets Op Allowance.

    And no, you don't get the OSM unless your in Iraq. The clue is in the name.
  13. All our guys got it paid into their banks the month before we returned last year (just in time for Mrs Norbat to spend it..... :evil: ).

    The J1 guys did a trawl of the deployment to see who wanted it, so it is their if you ask. Currently sat on Ops again as I type, and the J1 have not even mentioned it to anyone, so it depends on who your clerk is.