Op allowance and Lsa after being CasEvac'd

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by phillipsr, Jul 21, 2010.

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  1. hi im new to this site but I would appreciate some clarification on a couple of pay issues.
    I got casevac'd from afghan three weeks ago and have yet to get in contact with my unit clerks, so was just wondering if anyone could tell me if I will receive my op allowance, when will I receive it and will I still continue to get the same pay as I was out in theatre. Im not trying to money grab I'd just like to find out the truth instead of rumours as have heard a few different things. Due to my injuries I will not be going back out there for this tour.
  2. Mate,

    First sorry to hear about you getting injured, but onto your question. Your Op Allowance should be paid until the day you left theatre (there was a rumour that it was paid until the projected end of your tour if injured) but it is just that "Rumour".

    You LSA again stops the day you leave theatre also. Now being a clerk I would hope that your Admin lot would have stopped your LSA and input your Op Allowance by now, if not I am sure you have a liason Officer visiting you whilst injured to see how your recovering, get onto him and he should give the Clerks a nudge if they have not already input this for you.

    Failing that name and shame them on here give me there number and I'll gladly ring and have a word with them for you.

    Hope you get better soon Bud!
  3. Thomo, that seems a very helpful answer and I am in no doubt that you are an expert on such things.

    However, it was more than a rumour that OA was indeed supposed to continue to the planned EOT, even if the medevac'd soldier was released from hospital. JSP 752 was supposed to be amended to that effect. In fact, I am pretty sure I have heard of such individuals receiving OA calculated to their original planned EOT. Could you possibly check again? Good luck to the OP.
  4. Mate, hard lines and good luck on your recovert, Thomo you had me worried, have already paid the full tour for several of our guys, from JSP 752 Ch 10:

    10.1207. Continuation of the Allowance. The Allowance will be paid:

    a. For the duration of the planned length of the Service person’s assignment to the operational deployment, if the recipient is hospitalised in theatre or elsewhere. The Allowance is to be paid for the full length of the planned deployment, up to a maximum of 6 months, even if the Service person is discharged from hospital and does not return to the operational theatre.
  5. Thanks for replies guys.
    Will get onto my clerks now then, but any idea when it is meant to be paid? Now or when everyone returns at end of tour?
  6. Sorry, meant to add, your unit HR should be able to input your stop date as the planned end of tour date, you will receive it in your salary at then end of the month if already done.

    LSA should be paid whilst you were an in patient (assuming you were). I believe it stops on your first day of sick leave (someone will correct me on that if i am wrong).

    Thommo, 752 updated not so long ago i think
  7. cool thanks very much lads will have to give the clerks a poke when i get back up to camp thanks again for the help much appreciated
  8. Apologies to all, I have been out of the coal face for 2 years in a Staff job, I shall soundly thrash myself for any confusion caused.

    But at least today I have learnt something new, always a good day when that happens.

    Cheers Chaps
  9. Hmm, i also have a 'bolt on' question if you guys dont mind.

    I was MedEvac'd halfway through my tour, but because i didnt go to a Hospital on return but reported straight to my unit, i was informed that my OA would stop the day i left theatre.

    Anyone know the score on this?

  10. This needs tightening up to be honest. JSP 752 refers to being hospitalised, not MEDEVACd. I have seen people who have been MEDEVACd without beng hospitalised and it then boils down to the circumstances surrounding the injury. For example, someone who has an old injury of a back problem, is hospitalised and is sent back 3 weeks after arriving in theatre should not get it. However, you then have someone who may be MEDEVACd without being admitted to hospital (happened to one of our guys following a needlestick injury) and I believe he clearly should. Anyone disagree? Whilst the rules are still a little vague, there has to be some logic applied to the situation.
  11. were you hospitalised in Theatre? If so and discharged to be medecav back to UK, same rules apply. Agree with Yellow, common sense should apply, but unfortunately that particular paragraph if fairly tight.

    We had a soldier medevac without going into hospital in theatre, admitted to Selly Oak and discharged later that day. Gets full Op Allw as he was admitted to Hospital, no timeline is stipulated. Do all who are MEDEVACd get admitted to Selly Oak before being returned to their unit?

    Hang on scrap the bit about it being fairly tight!!
  12. Was admitted to hospital in thetare, but did a good 2 months before getting MedEvac'd.

    I had a chronic allergic reaction to the chlorine in the water, which has me still fucked up almost a year later.