Op. Allowance and Gong?

Hello all,
I have recently been sent back to UK from Herrick (on an aeromed flight) for medical reasons that were caused by being in theatre. I am at present awaiting a specialist medical appointment.

My question is this: Am I still entitled to an OSM and the balance of my Op. Allowance considering that I was only in theatre for 29 days? I understand that this may sound greedy; I am very grateful to still have all limbs attached and indeed be alive, but I have a colleague who broke his arm on a previous tour who claims to have been paid it until his expected tourex; I have 'phoned JPAC in Glasgow who say (albeit a little unsure) that everything stops when one leaves theatre.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a definitive answer?
Thank you very much.
from what i know you are entitled to full op allowance, and gong for full tour JPA sound like they are just being tight, get hold off your RAO or if in hospital a clerk at your unit on rear party or something, good luck mate and chin up
I think it's very dependant on the circumstances as to why you were aeromed. I know one bloke who was evact for a suspected tumour that was not noticed in the UK, he did not qualify...Things change, though! The government are being very wilkco of late regarding the support to troops, so who knows?


The rules for Op Allowance are that if you are admited to hospital either in theatre or after you are entitled to the full expected tour. The direction is that you will receive it at the same time as the rest of your unit at the end of the tour.

I'm not so sure about the medal (and cannot be arrsed to look) but I'm fairly sure that if your aeromed it doesn't matter how long you're in theatre.

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