Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by MAD_FERRET, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. Afternoon all - l'm after advice on this fabled OP Allowance.

    I'm no clerk, but my understanding was that it is a tax refund allowance that was paid at the completion of a 6 month tour.

    On return from Telic 10, its been paid, although attached to my wage and yep you guesssed it, taxed!!!

    Have l got a right to go smash up our unit admin office or should l wind my neck in as this is how it is??!!

    Advice and comments - gracias
  2. You defo have the right to go and smash up the admin office but only if you punch the clerk in throat first.

    Sorry......... I'm bored and my imagination got the better of the keyboard!
    I'll get my own coat..............
  3. Tax has got Fcuk all to do with clerks, Have you actually checked to see whether the Tax relates to the Non Taxable allowance. Although Tax may be on the pay statement - it is unlikely that the non taxable allowance has been taxed.

    Dont dis the clerks for your misunderstandings. Take a break and go boil your fcuking head.
  4. Yep, my tax was checked but because it was added to my wage it got taxed too -

    l wish l could boil my head, it will prob be more comfortable than getting shafted by our government at every oppurtunity!!! :)
  5. Op Allowance does NOT get taxed mate. My OP Allce was paid on my monthly wageslip when I had mine backdatd and it certainly was NOT taxed. How much did you get paid mate?
  6. me and our chf clk looked at it and worked it out to be about 1900, ld been told it should have been more like 2400? thredders with the whole thing too be honest, but hey a bit is better than sod all l guess
  7. and yes it was for a 6 (well nearly 7) month tour
  8. So are you saying you paid approx £ 500 in tax ? If so what did you get for your monthly TAXABLE pay and how much was that taxed?
  9. l know... their was me, went away to play in the sand and all was fine....

    comes back, some JPA white elephant has been introduced and my wage is all over the place, not unlike an andover girls knickers - complete with skid marks

    guess l will have to go in and sit down with one of the JPA 'gurus' to sort it

    "it takes a man to make a mistake, it takes a computer to REALLY f*** things up"
  10. So maybe you haven't been taxed ON your allowance after all.

    You really need to answer this question - If you were paid your OP ALLCE on the same paystatement as your MONTHLY PAY then what have you ACTUALLY been taxed on?
  11. From what it looks like, my gross wage was coupled with my Op Allowance, and then taxed from that figure

    as opposed too: my wage being taxed first, then my op allowance being added once all the deductions had been taken off (in its simplest form)
  12. Check your pm's mate
  13. Have you managed to work it out yet??

    If you take your pay and take roughly 30% off of it that will give you a rough tax and NI figure.

    It would be nice if you could update us as to whether you have been taxed or you are just being a muppett !
  14. posssibly being a muppet, either my op allowance has been taxed or my wage has been f****ed up - either way lm out of pocket!! AGAIN!!!

    Cant wait to get on JPA if the rumours are true about how good it is....
  15. M_F,

    If you want to PM me the figures (including your tax code) I will check it out for you. Even better, scan your pay statement and attach it (les the personal details).