Op Agricola 1 "Whiplash"

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Yes_Sir!, May 16, 2007.

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  1. Anyone remember the unofficial magazine doing the rounds at the BDE HQ?

    Even better still, anyone got any copies???
  2. Have copies of Grapple 3 and 7 "Whiplash" mate, no Agricola though.
  3. I think Agricola Whiplash was just a carry over from Grapple 7. I was 4X SigSqn Fwd Tp. PM me who you are and i can put you in touch with someone who has all the originals
  4. pm sent
  5. Fat Les the morale munching dinosaur, with his trusty sidekick Buckzilla, the Borg mutant 2of4, leading her men from the front (in a kneeling position), th Littlest Rassman, to name but a few. Well remembered, but weren't they "sanitised" before we went back to Traz?

    Only 41 days left in now 8)
  6. Another bump.
  7. I may have a couple floating around my massed junk pile of a shed, give me some time to dig thru.

    Is anyone in touch with the old families sgt of the time (old 7 sigs rugby bloke) as I'm sure we sent copies back to Osnabruck and he kept hold of them.

    Remember the t-shirts that went down a treat with the boss? At 204 Judge Les is the Law ??? Still got mine floating around somewhere too, good old Les with his ratchett strap belt and rack of rib shoulder pads :lol: , Honey I'm the shrunken RSM. A.D 'Close Protection' ... and the Brigs Fave... Johnny Outlaw 'My head is a sandbag' :lol: I'm sure you were on shift when that dummy went up in a noose Yes_Sir, and your crew were responsible :wink:

  8. I remember a certain issue dedicated to a couple of guys who decided to stage an impromtu bonfire for the foreign legion, who were colocated.
    A lucky 4 Regt RA L/Bdr had the good fortune to share his basha with the propellant motor of a "94"
    Legend has it that the crew of the vehicle survived, one with burns, who later left the Army, the other who stayed on is suffering from psychological f*ckedupness since that day, leading him to retrade to IS Engr, and eat lard smoke tabs and drink beer. Allegedly, this condition had been diagnosed as terminal.
  9. Got a few in a box, with my judge les t - shirt. Great mag, tee side tommy
  10. FAT LES is now a civi and its CAPTAIN buckzilla.
  11. Scalybint don't I know it. Straight into the badges in tray and straight out when he started to stutter. Stutter meant bollocking over.

    Lineys rule, drop us a PM mate. Oh and any chance of scanning them and sending them to me???
  12. BBJP ,

    ah you must be referring to the '41 Charcoal special' yeah not sure where the crewman got the strength to lift his det commander out of his operating seat from (er I mean his camp cot , favoured place from a tour in bosnia in 96 as well I think) God knows how the lad managed to boil a brew and make a bacon butty in that short time, the only proven way of getting said dettie out of his bed!!!! :wink:

    Lineys Rule, do you remember the motel macedonias spiderman? and was it you ??? God bless Teesside Tommy, having moved onto a better place last heard, that magazine got him promoted I swear
  13. Pah Fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. SB, might be me why??????