Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Mr_Logic, Oct 3, 2005.

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  1. Can anybody point me in the direction of any material about ACTIVE EDGE? I was not personally involved having arrived in BAOR too late but am interested in the general readiness states and stance compared to now (yes, I know I should get out more). I did google for it but surprisingly had no hits. I suspect that it may therefore not be in the public domain. I am assuming that it not still security caveated as the world has moved on considerably, but clearly I may be wrong. If so, I will eat my computer, burn down my house and change my name by deed poll while claiming mitigating factors of prolonged work related stress and being dropped on the head as a child. After all, Comrade Blair (Big Brother?) gets his WMD info off the internet so I thought there should be no harm asking about this one.

    Any ideas?
  2. Ah - Active Edge - I remember it well - getting kicked out of bed at 0400 and racing up to the garages to get everything out before the pads arrived. Always seemed to happen when your vehicle was in bits, radio and/or vehicle batteries in the battery shop, radios in for repair, and kit all over the place !

    You then end in the same (obvious) bits of woodland around the garrison which I can't believe the Sovs hadn't already sussed and mapped out !

    To go to your original question - I don't think I've ever seen anything in print anywhere about it - half the army hadn't seemed to have heard of it when I got back to the UK!

    When did it all finish ? Early 90's I assume with the fall of the wall and the pull out of WGF.
  3. Hi

    Look at my posts here:

  4. Then there was the fatherless who called an Active Edge in the wee small hours after a Mess Dinner Night. As I, a squadron 2i/c, collapsed on to my pit still in full Mess Kit, I barely registered some t**t running down the corridor, banging on doors like a man possessed, and yelling 'Active Edge'. Then I ...
    Came to in the morning, went down for breakfast, only to find the Mess SM looking all warry.
    "What the f**k are you doing here, sir? The regiment crashed out about 3 hours ago."
    Oh sh1t!
  5. I'm sure that when I was in Berlin it was Ex Rocking Horse with sirens going off all over the place and RMPs driving round the patch areas with tannoys at some ungodly hour!
  6. Active Edge in BAOR and Rocking Horse/Bear Garden (sig's ex) in West Berlin. My first Active Edge was at Detmold, called late on a Sunday night. I won't say what percentage was intoxicated leaving the camp, but think big! Rocking Horse was Berlin Brigade's equivalent, and all units would deploy into the Grunewald and sit around for a couple of days twiddling fingers and playing cards. Duty rumour/scenario was, if the Sovs did invade West Germany, they would bypass Berlin and wait for the predictable deployment of the Brigade into the woods, then launch a small nuke. Result: one crispy fried brigade and no Soviet casualties.
  7. Active Edge: Up at some ungodly hour and down the road towards Hameln. Cam up and sit around for a few hours.

    Regimental legend had it that one orderly officer got the call but was slightly "Out of sorts" and so fell asleep before passing the message on. Result irate Brigade and incandescent CO. Never did find out if it was true.
  8. Can confirm that at least one call out found a large number of soldiers and officers from a nearby unit actually at BMH Rinteln, not in barracks. A sight to behold, squaddies in various states of undress, en masse, racing down the back stairs pulling on clothes. Orderly officers of units involved liased with the OO at Rinteln. Do you know, I don't think anyone was done for being in the wrong block. Not at the BMH anyway (I wait for someone to tell me otherwise).
    By the next active edge, a whole new unit was in favour at Rinteln!
  9. Ah fond memories, Brigade Duty Clerk, get called to the Comcen during the night to sign for a "Flash" scurry back to desk and get the folder out marked "Active Edge - Immediate Action List" Info Garrision Duty Officer who is really hacked off because you got him\her out of bed then sit down and start phoning:

    Call Bde Comd at home - get a huge b*llocking.
    Call Bde Maj at home - get a huge b*llocking
    Call various SO2 & SO3 type people at home - get a huge b*llocking
    Call Bde Chief Clerk at home - get a huge b*llocking

    Hmmm, a pattern emerging there. Only joy of which was being able to say "Sorry Sir, too busy to listen to that" then hanging up on them :)

    Having had several major b*llockings start stacking all the Bde Crash Out Kit in the corridor and be prepared to load it all FECKIN NOW! into one of the Sigs 432's

    Be accused constantly of "Not have told Col\Maj\Capt\Lt so-and-so" because said officer has failed to turn up and YOU must be to blame Cpl. Ho hum.

    Spend rest of night helping Sig Sqn load piles of kit then sit in the Cam Cage of a 432 all feckin night and well into the next morning waiting for something to happen.

    Once you are totally frozen, soaked to the skin and utterly dejected bug out to a none too easy to get to location and set up "The Complex" pretend to be warry marking loads of maps with a chinagraph and making Officer's tea for them.

    Do a few stags on guard and a couple of Stand To's


    Wait for what seems like feckin forever then back to camp, unpack it all and hope you are on leave next time it happens...

    Oh the joys of Clerking. Gosh we were rather warry back then :)
  10. The crabs at RAF Gatow always knew when a Rocking Horse was going to get called three days in advance (friends in the comcen?) which was helpful. Even so there was always a massive flap-on by all ranks. Threats of violence from seniors to juniors, juniors running around with DMUs and jerry cans, pallet loads of stores going backwards and forwards and the SSM going barmy! One thing I'll always remember is the sitting around, waiting to move out of camp. I think the longest was nearly two days. Total boredom.
  11. Half the fun was seeing everyone trollied down town attempting to get back to units! Hard work if they were based out Gatow way and not much money left for a taxi!
  12. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I remember the Pads had to drive 40 Kms to get to where the singlies, and unit, were. Loads of time to get the 58 pattern webbing dusted off. The other good thing was that as the Pads drove to camp they must have been sober, so us singlies would have a couple of drinks so we didn't have to drive, but weren't too leathered to get a bollocking. Those were the days.
  13. I remember an AE call out in Berlin Dec 1984, some joker at Bde HQ must have a right laugh calling out the Bde. Those nasty hooters giving it plenty right in the middle of an all ranks Xmas CSE do! What a joke Half the Bn P1ssed up, while the other half ran off home to the pads areas to collect there call out kit!
    Rovers towing rovers, 4 tonners towing 4 tonners, Our slack hand full of 432-30's sat on the square refusing to start. All ended up with a giant cake and arrse party in the grunnywald. At least someone had the decency to let the show go on, don't worry it was shat.
  14. Active Edge - what a board-game it was - Rumour Control started a week in advance - Fun watching the sprogs though!

  15. Have to say that SACEUR's Active Edge was the nightmare of all nightmares, dont get caught back in camp trying to recover some bits left behind when you crashed out by one of his (many) spies..ermm I mean aides