Op "Active Edge"!

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by arfurwing, Mar 15, 2011.

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  1. What the feck was that all about?

    One for the Cold War, Germany posted types...........

    I never did get it! If the Third Shock Army was going to war, surely we would have known about 6 months before? Economic climates, fuel sortage etc, etc, etc.......

    If so, why did we get turffed out of bed at 4am to drive out to the Einbeck Bowl and stag on for a day before the powers that be said "We deployed well and at short notice"?

    I always thought this was a classic Army feck around and had nothing to do with Ivan coming over the hill? Discuss...................
  2. It was EX ACTIVE EDGE. It was used to ake sure we could actually call in and deploy 1 BR CORPS or parts thereof at no notice. So yes it was a pain in the arse, however, it was something that needed to be practiced.
  3. I think the sole reason for running Active Edge was to generate huge amounts of data for research establishments, relating to the effects of alcohol and sleep loss on common military tasks....
  4. It was to show the soviet observers what we would do in the event of scenario "A".
  5. Yep, EX ACTIVE EDGE. An excuse for the pads to ignore knocks on the door and not answer the door, while the singlies get all the wagons ready to go while getting over their hangovers..... or if the plan went as expected, still staggering around having just walked back through the gates.

    I think our record was three night in a row until someone on high decided that the troops were losing their sense of humour.
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  6. Fair call! Ex not OP. My 'oldtimers syndrome' s kicking in!

    Good points from all who responded though! Made me smile.................
  7. Yup, Active Egde was confirmation to the Reds that they could be in Calais within 7 days. It was also a great test of strength between the Warsaw Pacts "hardened" Vodka drinkers, and NATOs more imaginative "drink anything" armies.

    I ******* hated it.
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  8. There, fixed that for you.
  9. For those of us at 13 Sigs, it was seeing who could hear the rumour first so we could leg it over the border into Holland to Mater's for a few glasses of Oranjeboom. Oh, how we laughed, sitting at the outside tables, supping away and tucking into the fricky and pommes met (Dutch, you know) mayonnaise whilst those who hadn't caught a whiff of rumour in the air ran hither and thither screaming "GAS GAS GAS" at each other and frantically banging their mess tins together. Ah, the joys of shift work and days off in the week so we could bugger off. If they'd ever called one on a weekend it would have mucked up the entire dayworkers golf sessions.
  10. If I remember, it was also called when the baddies deployed on major exercises on the other side of the IGB just in case they forgot to stop.

    The only problem with that little scenario is we never deployed with full ammunition war scales and (a badly kept secret) never to our actual real war locations. They where kept on big maps behind curtains in the Ops rooms

    I could be wrong though, because I never ever answered my door when the Pads collection wagon came calling :biggrin:
  11. Quality stuff! Laughing to some tune.......................................
  12. Your ACTIVE EDGE survival area wasn't your GDP survival area - or at least it shouldn't have been!
  13. Had some serious falling overs on the call out and then one hell of a hangover in the morning, I am surprised there wasn't anyone killed with all those 432's moving everywhere and drunken squaddies falling over everywhere.

    How come they always called it when we were on the piss?
  14. Didn't Active Edges come in three flavours - Divisional, 1(BR) Corps and Saceur? We had one called about 0200, just at the peak (or trough) of an officers & sgts mess do. CO ordered everyone to deploy in their mess kit, thinking that would look like jolly good form in front of the Div Comd - only to get to the middle of the dank dripping wood that was the deployment hide, and find a party of international observers and Very senior people from Brussels....

    I always used to wake up on some sort of premonition: wide awake listening to the complete silence of the small hours, then start to hear the tyres of the duty wagon cutting about, followed shortly by two or three more wagons. Finally, the wagon screeching to halt outside the block, and the hammering on the door...
  15. I seem to remember it being called Quick Train Prior to Active Edge
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