Opération Serval - Mali.

32 Griffon APCs have been loaded on to a ship bound to Dakar. From there they will be sent ro Mali where they will be operated by the 3°RIMa, an infantry regiment of the 9 Amphibious Brigade

Not Op Barkhane strictly speaking but French forces were scrambled to support those US SF soldiers when they fell in the Tongo Tongo ambush on 4 October 2017

Another atrocity in Burkina Faso while the world looks elsewhere.

80 killed, including 65 civilians, in a convoy attack. the terrorists responsible for the attack are not identified yet but this is the kind of action the local branch of ISIS would do.

The VAB is to close to the sapeurs, imo ! (25kg)
Probably didn't know it was 25kg at the time. Mind you it might have RF jammers and needs to be that close to stop someone dialling a magic number.
The 92°RI, an infantry regiment based in Clermond Ferrand and equipped with VBCI IFVs is just about to depart for Mali. It will form the core of one of the Desert BGs of Op Barkhane.


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