Opération Serval - Mali.

26 terrorists neutralized in a joint Op Barkhane/malian forces operation

Mali: l'armée affirme avoir éliminé 26 djihadistes avec l'aide de Barkhane

One of the 4x4 mounted with a HMG seized during the above mentioned Op.

They want the locals to accept their rule or to leave the area. Failure to comply = death
And the problem, I suppose, is that local Burkinabé forces cannot secure all the villages at once.
The BF forces were badly mauled in the 2019 jihadist offensive.

As most african armed forces they are in dire need of support.

Up North from Burkina Faso, in Mauritania, the NATO SOF HQ is apparently preparing to support the local SF.

The first step of a NATO mission in the Sahel ?

I am sure that it is only a coincidence that the French are there

Burkina Faso is currently conducting an Op on its soil against terrorists.

The BF staff claims to have destroyed 4 bases and killed about 20 terrorists.