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Opération Serval - Mali.


It may well be but l see this cooperation on a weekly basis. Politicians have to pamper to a crowd and give the impression they don't give an inch.

Meanwhile, UK support to Op in the Sahel has been maintained (Chinook) and then increased (MINUSMA)
And joint ALI EX’s like Royal Blackhawk have been successful etc.

It's a wonderful thing.

The inability of Jihadists to co-operate in Syria is of note, and I see that the battlelines are literally drawn between the Al-Qaeda orientated (Nusrat al-Islam, and otehrs, who appear better at assimilating local and ethnic groups) and the Islamic State (IS-Greater Sahara) lot.

Plus the other complexities, which we overlay our concerns on top of.

In the Op Barkhane AOR, AQIM and ISGS have fought on several occasions since last summer with dozens killed on each side
As it does on a regular basis, Canada has sent a CC-130J to support Op Barkhane. This time, it was from 2 to 10 February 21.