Opération Serval - Mali.

An interesting picture of a group of Parachute Artillerymen from the 35°RAP in Mali. They have combined French desert trousers and French CCE temperate camouflage for better efficiency on the rocky ground.
The picture can be enlarged by clicking on it.

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good pic from a drone perhaps?
couple of bugles unless my eyesights playing up
Incorrect. That is the RAF operation and does not include UKSF/UKSF(R)
The UK Government does not discuss the activities of UKSF. So does us a favour and foxtrot Oscar!
A VAB Ultima (the last retrofit of the VAB) being lifted by 2 IVECO PPLOG wreckers before being loaded on another truck


The Belgians have integrated a medical team in the French Role 1 in Niamey, Niger, IOT support the Belgian elements deployed to Niger to train Nigerien forces

29 Estonian soldiers who have recently returned from Op Barkhane have been awarded the French overseas service medal with "Sahel" clasp in a ceremony held on the Ämari airbase in Estonia.

Update on TF Takuba:

IOC in July 2020 with a mixed French-Estonian 100-man TG

In October, deployment of the Czech element; it will also be mixed with French elements and will be about 100-man strong

The Swedish element of TF Takuba should arrive in Mali in early 2021 with approx. 150 pax and 3 helicopters.
A picture posted on the FRA PJHQ Twitter with the following caption:

"In the Sahel, French forces can rely on the support of its British, Danish and Estonian allies in its fight against armed terrorist groups".

Update on TF Takuba

The first joint TG (about 60 French and Estonian SF) will operate from August 2020 alongside a Malian light Recce unit (ULRI) composed of 90 pax, 20 motorbikes and 16 other vehicles which will come from the Gao area. Its AOO will be the Liptako area of Mali.

In November, a joint task group composed of French and Czech SF will be stood up in Menaka, in Mali.

In early 2021, another task group, this time fully composed of Swedish SF will operate from Menaka.

Other countries have confirmed their participation in the staff element (Netherlands, Portugal...) and others are still pondering whether to join this initiative (Italy, Greece).
From 19 to 24 June, GTD Dragon (2°REI) has led an operation in the area of Timbuktu and Inabelbel.


RAF Chinooks and ALAT Caïman (NH90) took part in the heli lift of the ground element

Spain is a discreet but long term partner of Op Barkhane with Spanish Op Marfil. Spanish AF C-130s and CASA have lent a helping hand to the French effort in the Sahel region since 2013.

The Spanish Guardia Civil is also very active in the Sahel region with projects such as the GARSI


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