Oosterbeek NL Airborne-march Sept. 4th. Who's going?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Cloggie, Aug 13, 2010.

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  1. So,who's going to the Airbornewandeltocht and get's him/herself p!ssed at the glasshouse?

    I will be there,but maybe it would be nice to make it a little ARRSE meet-up.

  2. I'm doing the Airbornewandeltocht with a few friends. There's another ARRSEr as well, but I doubt he does much walking; he's more an Airbornezuiptocht type :-D

  3. OH yeah I'll be there, but not doing the march, but will be on the DZ and in the schoonoord.
  4. Yep i'll be there. Might just have to have a few at the glasshouse then!!
  5. I was there last year,but cannot make this year.

    However it would seem the right time to start planning for an international crawl next year? How about it? Any interest?

  6. I'm certainly interested. Do you have an idea where to hold the crawl? If it's going to be an international one,should it be on mainland Europe then? In that case it would be best to keep it somewhere in september when there are lots of British arrsers abroad for the Market Garden remembrances.
  7. Looks like I'm going to dip out this year mate as I can't get off work, still working on the one 2 weeks later though.
  8. Pity you can't make it mate,but you can let the missus come over. I'll take care of her! :p

    P.S. Is fatboy coming?
  9. I'll be there with a few pals...
  10. Errr..... BUMP !
  11. Cheeky!!
    Yes mate, the fatboy will be there, saw him the other day and he asked me to tell you he was going, I'm sure you'll find him at the Glasshouse!
  12. I just got word from the lads who are already in Arnhem.
    Kav seems to have done the "naked bar" at Bloopers. :)
  13. There should be a new rule: "you must be this fit to do naked bar....."

    It was a great weekend. Unfortunately Cloggy developed an agressive form of leprosy and lost his legs after 10 minutes of walking. In case Kaye is interested; we had to carry him and his limbs to to the finish that's why it took us so long. :)
  14. Oh Good Lord.....a bloke his size shouldn't be doing that! Were his eyes the usual shade of bloodshot?!