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  1. hello

    as my name suggests i have a little belly....however....im as stong as an ox but i cant run for sh*T...i can run about a mile in 10 mins but i just give up and i dont know why.

    joining the infantry is something ive always wanted to do can you recommend any techniques to improve my running ability?

    i have already applied for the infantry about 10 mins ago but i dont know how long ive got until selection....

  2. keep on running. a mile in 10 minutes probably isnt good enough for infantry, seeing as you need to be able to a mile and a half in 9 and and half minutes at least. go to the gym, go running 3-4 times a week, and push through the pain barrier. what brach of the infantry are you looking at?
  3. I'm much the same mate but don't worry too much yet if you have just started the process you will have a few months to prepare.

    try going out to where ever you run, sprint as far as you can and when you are f*cked just keep jogging until your about to die, then about 200m more do it a couple times a week for a few and see how that helps. you should feel able to run further, once a week go for a steady jog and see how far you can get.
  4. It usually takes about 3 months or even upto 6 months from your first trip to the office, so there is enough time to get your fitness levels to the standard.

    Look on the internet for websites about Farleak training and interval training, got me from doing 1.5m in 16 mins down to 10:30 in just a few weeks.
  5. My run time used to be 15.30, now it's 10.30 (I'm going for infantry too), biggest single improvements for me were; drinking lots off water b4 u run (ya know, till ur pish goes see through) and making sure that your feet hit the ground properly, I used to sort of run on my toes, which kills ur calves quick time, so see if u can find a diagram of proper running form (it's hard to explain in just writing).
  6. do you mean like landing heel first and rolling through to your toes? cos i have that problem of running on my toes- bloody knackering!
  7. yeh sort of heel first, but dont land too hard :p haha, yeh and make sure your piss doesnt look like castrol gtx and smell like sugarpuffs, being dehydrated never helps
  8. Lol sugapuff wee!!
  9. haha that phrase was thrown around sooooo much is basic training, i nearly shat myself the first time i heard it!
  10. My run time was about 15 mins! but ive got it down to around 10 its not a problem somone passed into infantry from selction with a 1.5 mile run time of 11:59!

    but he musta exelled at strength and team work

    just dont walk
    pretend theres coppers after ya
    run till your sick and carry on running
  11. cheers for the replies guys...ill forrest gump it
  12. seeing as you need to be able to a mile and a half in 9 and and half minutes at least.

    Thats a load of bo**ox!! if your goin for para you want to be hittin under 9:20 and infantry 10:30 but i've heard of gettin away with 11:30. just keep runnin
  13. Stop digging up old threads just to say bollox.
  14. my average time is about 12;15min, but i always need a rest, just gotta remember not to stop on selection just run very slow when im knackered
  15. This thread was made about 8 months ago ffs