Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DieHard, Mar 20, 2006.

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  1. :oops: Went on the lash saturday night with the mrs and her old school friend and husband who live with her mum.
    Got totally shit faced was in our room and needed a piss so went to the bog ,got back into the room and said to the wife "Right you bitch i know you have been gagging for all day so get ready for the shag of your life".
    Imagine the horror on my face when her mates mum and dad sat up in bed screaming. I almost pissed myself . I ran out of the room told the mrs and 10 mins later we were in a taxi going 80 miles back home and her mate wont talk to her .
    That was the first time i have got pissed in 7 months too . :twisted:
  2. Well, that's because you went for a piss beforehand.
  3. Good drills-tell us now that for good measure you actually peshed in the wardrobe/goldfish bowl
  4. Was Mrs, mates, mom fit? "F@ck me even Im confussed!!!"
  5. Ten minutes later and I still can't stop laffin at you... :lol:
  6. Some people have no sense of humour. No friend should "diss" you for that. Shame on them, and also on you for legging it. Breakfast next day would have been sooooo entertaining.
  7. bl00dy hell! you owe me a new keyboard and monitor, just sprayed tea everywhere

    had an oops moment my self with Mrs DM's family (frightening specimens of near humanity some of them). Got conned into going to her Uncles retirement do. Got p1ssed before I went and then spent an hour propping the bar up. The DJ was the usual "hey gang, let me see those hands" w@nkers - music was rubbish and when he finished playing all the cr@p, he shouts out "Any one got any requests?"

    I replies (at the top pf my voice) "YEAH, FCUK OFF, YOU'RE CRAP" - Unfortunately, at the same time I said this, he had turned his music right down. Family not impressed. (except her Uncle who agreed with me later). Now banned from all family get togethers, suprise suprise


    edited as I've got sausage fingers again
  8. Good Drills!