You've got your airfix instructions the wrong way around. The tail goes on the other end.


Woman trying to reverse park.


The plane on the right is being driven by two scousers in shellsuits and dodgy 'taches out TWOCing.

"Come on, soft lad.....get it going!"

"Ah right, Ah right, ar' Sinbad, shut the fcuk up and see if you can find reverse!!"
What strikes me about the pic is that the Herc in front is chocked. If that is a post accident thing, why not chock the other one? It suggests that the one in front was stationary and t'other one hit. As there is unlikely to be any slope there, it was probably under power, which means where are the other props currently sitting...?


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Astonishing that no-one has commented on their both being Air National Guard C-120s. Come on, where's all the STAB-baiters :D

I can't see the RAF ever giving Hercs to the RAFVR, can you :roll:

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