Oops. Wrong airfield

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Lee Van Cleef, Mar 29, 2006.

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  1. It appears an Eirjet A320 on lease to RyanAir 'sort of cocked up' and landed at Ballykelly instead of Londonderry Eglington airport today .

    BBC News

    I think there may be a couple of vacancies at Ryanair in the very near future. :oops:

    Will be interesting to see how it gets out thats for sure.

    Ryaniar website currently says FR9884 "Diverted to Ballykelly due to technical fault"!!
  2. I have just posted this in the NAAFI bar.

    The official airport name is 'Derry City'. Yes,I know it is near Eglinton before the brick-bats start flying :p
  3. It appears you posted it in the Lamp and Sandbag. With your recce skills, will you be applying for a job with Ryanair?

    Yes I know it's called 'Derry City'. But if you have ever spoken to the airport, it's 'Eglington'!
  4. RyanAir have recently launched five new routes from Shannon Airport. Maybe Ballykelly should be the 6th!!!.
  5. Did anyone turn the landing lights on for them?
  6. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! sunny Ballykelly by the sea.A pleasant wind blows and the birds chirp in the FORCE 10 GALES!!!
  7. Well at least the runways and taxiways remain well maintained and operational.!!!!
  8. A while back (around about 1983) a TAROM (Romanian Airlines) pilot driving an Antonov with 30-odd pax mistook 16 Flt AAC's helipad at Dhekelia for Larnaca International. Much embarrassment, but he managed to stop it within inches of the perimeter fence. Getting it out was a bit trickier, and eventually they stripped it of everything that could be screwdrivered out, pumped all but a pint of fuel out of it and put a small Romanian dwarf at the controls to take it down the road to Larnaca.

    We were able to have a good look around its' interior, even though they locked its doors when they all disappeared in a flurry of taxis to the Embassy in Nicosia, as the keys to the Sy Sect Vauxhall Chevette fitted it.
  9. was doing GH at ballykelly last year when a french pilot in a twin squirrel landed right in the middle of the triangle and asked eglinton where they wanted him to taxy to. after we spoke to eglinton on his behalf to clarify the situation, they tried to explain that he had landed at the wrong airfield. he was adamant he was right (french, obviously) until he was told by ATC to lift and fly 270 for 5 miles, then land at the airfield in his 12 o clock :)

    but a pax jet is a new one. mind you, i remember in 92 when "eglinton international" was one portacabin, and they flew a twin prop Manx airlines 15-or-so seater to the mainland!
  10. All the best duty Free goods are Ballykelly everyone knows that!!!!
  11. Wonder how they will get it out, and wouldn't you think they would be radioing him to death lucky it didnt get shot down.
  12. Isn't it the low cost carriers duty to land at an airport as far away from the ticketed destination as possible?

    Wonder how long it is before the resident unit have lifted all the gizzits? Bet it's up on bricks before daylight tomorrow.
  13. I find the last line amusing:

    It is not yet clear how the plane will be removed from the Army base.

    I'm no aeronautical expert, but what are the chances that Easyjet will send another pilot, and they will fly out?

  14. I'm not sure but don't big jets take quite abit more space to get airborne than they do to land don't really have after burners do they?