Oops ND.... Enemy front!!!!

Discussion in 'REME' started by BrettTaylor, Aug 1, 2011.

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  1. Just a quick question for everybody, does anybody know who squeezed off a live one on the main gate at SEME nearly shooting the then Q Coy Sgt Maj in the foot? This was back in 2001(ish) I think and the evidence is still preasent today in the form of a 3 inch hole in one of the paving slabs on the flag side of the gate.

    Somebody must know who this was and the circumstances surrounding the incident.

    Feel free to also share any other amusing ND type stories for the amusement of all!
  2. Dont know who it was, but the CSM gave us all a little chat about it on parade next day
  3. I know the Reccy mech that put a 5.56mm sized hole in the Officers mess gate, circa 1996 (the metal upright post, not a hole in the mesh, obviously)
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  4. Remember stagging on there wondering what sort of bellend would do that only to hear the knobba on guard with me cock his rifle behind me.
  5. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    During PDT for Telic, we did a little tour around one of the tin village ranges in Lydd & Hythe, with .22 conversion kits. Get back to the loading bay, cpl goes through the unload drills, gives us the Ease springs. 3 clicks, one bang.
    "Who the fcuk was that" barks the cpl
    "not me, cpl"
    "not me, cpl"
    "not me, cpl"
    "well, if it wasnt any of you three cnuts... Sh1t, it was me..."
    Cue muchas rifting.
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  6. I remember the very holes, when I was on my Class one back in 2006 they had started to put NCO's on the Officers Mess gate with the scrotes to ensure no further such incidents.

    To be honest with the quality of officer in and around SEME at the time I can see why somebody may be inclined to let rip around the mess!!!
  7. I remember a certain Tech type on Telic 5 who had a little ND issue with 30mm, dont half ping round the tank park those little babies ;-)
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  8. Seriously? You have to be a ******* idiot to ND the Rarden.
  9. Happened last year in BATUS. Right into the side of the warrior next to it.
  10. Americans practising firing drills on GMLRS, and actually firing said missile... Scared every bugger in camp, and put the wind up harrier pilot in the same airspace as missile!!!

    As an ND that's got to take some beating.....
  11. When zeroing on RSOI on herrick recently, after finishing the confirmatory 5 round grouping. Then got told to stand up. There was a medic half colonel still lying down fannying around with his weapon, and for some reason he still had rounds and he squeezed one off. I stood and watched the whole thing. All he said was 'oh ****' in a very very posh accent before getting his rifle taken off him.

    Also heard of a horror story on telic when a royal irish bloke ND'd a UGL round into his mates head who was sitting nearby. Apparently in didn't explode though as they were too close. Don't know if its true or urban legend.

    My Mams bloke got mobilised onto telic 2 and a young RLC bloke ND'd right in front of him, killing a bloke who was a few feet in front of him.

    Also back on herrick, my troopy was on a recce with the estonian company, and they had took there medic out with them for a jolly and he ND'd an MG43 over my troopies head. Fair enough let a bloke out on the ground but don't give him a machine gun for **** sake.
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  12. A Highlander (I think) officer from Bde HQ on Telic 4 had a double ND with his pistol. Amusing because he was an utter **** and got fined about £2500 for it.
  13. op slubber, foot and mouth clear up,,, lad had a nd with a bolt gun into his leg, after seeing off a few cows, he didnt look to happy and later died.................
  14. Herrick 13, some RAF bod manages to ND a 50cal into a GMG, USing said GMG and putting some ricochet/shrapnel into some Para's face for good measure.
    Apparently he was heard saying 'but I did the drills right'.

    Evidently not...
  15. Did say he was a Tech Smudger ;-)
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