Oops, Int Corps has just made local BBC breakfast news

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by messym, Oct 17, 2005.

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  1. Sainsbury's latest offer,

    One Sig P226 pistol with 13 blank rounds, left in supermarket toilet.

    Kindly lost by female officer from Chicksands

    as reported this am on BBC News :lol:
  2. The lastest from the BBC:

    The story is here for anyone that cares to delight in yet another tale of woe involving these people.
  3. The story is also being discussed here on ARRSE.
  4. Ah yes - thank you Minx - wasn't clear from the title...cheers.
  5. darth, why do you have a pic of that individual on your sigblock, just out of interest? im hoping its not the obvious answer as i used to work waaaaay underneath that man! :)
  6. The story is also in the " Private MI" thread: Thruth, Honesty.......... below this post.

    Sad to see that this esteemed organ has already faded from corporate memory, along with the uselessnes of the clip-on holster. If indeed that was the item in question??

    always preferred the drop-leg thigh holster myself, especially when working at Div Main - V high "foreign fighter" threat at " the pennings"!!
  7. what makes you think the person involved is Int Corps?
  8. Filbert,

    Deduction Dear Watson. Though you may be onto something, it is an All Arms thing. Having said that, my boss does have a candidate for the sad affair.
  9. Foxy, you been leaving your toys lying around again?
  10. I left a rather fetching 'issue' baseball cap in the toilets of the RUC station in Newcastle once, realised drove back and it was still on top of the bin where id left it. havent lost a gun for ages!!

    although, a couple of years ago, on the ranges at Ballykinler, sat waiting for the RMP CP mob to get off the firing point so we could crack on, eventually they left and one of the lads found, in a firing tench, a HK53 complete with little maglite and bits of red tape(?).
    All the cars with the CP boys had by now gone, so we put it to one side and carried on. 10 mins later, 2 cars appear, out get aload of lads who start searching the grass around that area. then they sat on the fence looking over, eventually a lad called Pebs (2 Para) went over with the 53 and asked if theyd 'misplaced' it. Sheepishly they took it and off they went.
    like they say on Hollywood, you sound never work with children, birds or monkeys.
  11. you're out of date pal
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Reminds me of a booty friend who was driving down the A303 in his civvy car and saw something familiar lying in the road in the inside lane. Turned out to be an SA80A1 with Susat. He picked it up and put it in his car under a coat and carried on in richtung Bulford. A couple of miles further along the road he came across a Bedford pulled up on the side of the road with a small group of infantrymen intently searching the grass verge. He stopped and asked if they had 'lost something' and they admitted that they might have done. It turns out they were coming back off exercise and one of the guys in the back of the truck had managed to doze off and drop his gat out of the back of the truck without noticing (Christ knows how, but there we go).

    As to this person... whoops! Most unfortunate. But having said that, a female CAG officer in Basra during Telic 2 had her Browning 9mm snatched from her holster during a disturbance in a bank and it didn't seem to have a particularly adverse effect on her employment.
  13. Goon

    Why out of date?
  14. Tell us more
  15. What makes you think you had to be in the Intelligence Corps to feature in a story in that august journal??