OOps i popped it in the wrong hole

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jaybee2786, Sep 24, 2009.

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  1. I know its a video clip but found it very funnywrong hole
  2. Excellent, tea on keyboard!
  3. Have to be carefull with that song and not start singiing it in the pub,catchy little tune be humming it all day classic
  4. Brilliant........ :p
  5. He shoved it up her arrse and he's sorry? Poof
  6. Very good. This could become a clasic!!!
  7. House full of giggling idiots now
  8. Oh my aching sides!!!

    That was facking funny!
  9. That if fcuking class :D
  10. Excellent!

    But I have to ask how you found that? Did you type into Google 'Last night I put it into the wrong hole'?

    Were you looking for help with an *ahem* awkward moment last night? :?
  11. Seconded, easy to learn an inadvertently sing it in company.
  12. honest found it here http://www.ggmania.com/
  13. i thorght i had a pain in my arrse lmao jokes
  14. That would make a cracking ringtone :D

    Imagine that going off at full volume :twisted:
  15. sorry but the internet police wont let me see that video gggrrr...