oops I may have upset the Septics!!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Filbert Fox, Mar 19, 2004.

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  1. The SAS hey! Hope your afraid!
  2. not valid anymore
  3. Raul, why are you so bitter?
  4. you werent the first and i doubt very much that youll be the last.
  5. i also doubt that very much as well.
  6. not valid anymore
  7. :lol: havent heard that since I was at school :lol:

    but seriously, if you do mow the lawn can you rake it afterwards as well please.
  8. after I've mown the lawn

    a cheese toastie that has been dropped in the dogs basket.

    what are they teaching in schools today?
  9. not valid anymore
  10. basic grasp of the English language.
  11. not a bad pic, but i think you should know that that pic is now on all of your posts.
    anyway, Friday night and its time for a beer, and a coke for you in the beer garden Raul!!
  12. all very yawn
  13. not valid anymore
  14. Matter of grave import - do we know how many dogs occupy said basket? If only one it should be "dog's basket", if more than one it should read "dogs' basket".

    BTW, I wasn't aware that the State Child Minding Service had teaching anything as part of its core business :wink: