Oops! England lost against Ireland (again)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bugsy, Mar 18, 2006.

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  1. It was nice to see England defeated, but Jaisus me heart was in me mouth some of the time.

    But a win's a win, innit?

    The only problem was that the Frogs walked off with the 6 Nations Cup instead of Ireland!

  2. I hope the B specials enjoyed raping your grand mother
  3. Full justification for the return of the Black and Tans I say! As for the frogs............ we got them win now and again haven't we? after all they've never won f*ck all fighting............. Agincourt, Dein Bein Phu, Cameroon............

    On second thoughts......... B*ll*ks to the frogs an' all :lol:
  4. I thought that it was nice of the touch-judges to help Ireland out... :roll:
  5. Actually, it was the Black and Tans who tried it, but me Granny was a formidable sprinter and led 'em into the mountains of Killarney, where they were finished off by the wild ostriches that hang around the Tomb of the Unknown Baker..

    And IRELAND still won! :D :D :D

  6. Well done Ireland. Don't expect much sportsmanship from the English, they are too busy building a bonfire for Andy Robinson and gripping on about touch-judges and so forth! Wrong kind of grass on the pitch probably?

    I feel sorry for the people of Bath tonight, my Fenian bride has gone out into the town in search of St Patrick's (deferred) fun and will no doubt be causing mayhem accompanied by her Fenian posse, ably supported by two mad red-head Jocks. All police leave in the county has been cancelled and 42 Cdo's piss-up in Bath postponed until a week Saturday! Faugh o Ballagh...
  7. A point that had Brian Moore crying like a 6yr old girl with a grazed knee for about 10 minutes.

    What an ugly, useless, one-eyed cnut that man is. The BBC should sack his arrse and send him back to chase ambulances for a living. Tw@t.
  8. It was not a good day for us true Englishmen but at least the sheepsh*ggers got stuffed. Some satisfaction after all!
  9. Sorry? True Englishman? What's your username again?

  10. Its not our fault everyone hates the english.

  11. As I said in a post on Rear Party, Ireland's last try was a good 'un, but I don't think that Horgan's first try should have been allowed - his foot was in touch! You'd not be happy if the decision had been against Ireland. :wink:
  12. I hope you don't include me in that (since you seem to think you speak for all Irish people).
    I don't hate the English at all. It's not their fault that they weren't born in Ireland, is it? :D

  13. Do you mean that the ball was in touch?

    T C
  14. Sore loser clutching at straws. :wink:

    Although it has to be said that I'd rather wear a turban than a rose, England sure as hell turned themselves around from the shocking performance of last week. I don't know if it's enough to stop Andy Robinson getting his P45 on Monday, but it was a fun game to watch.

    Am naturally gutted by the defeat to the frogs. I'm sure nobody except me is going to blame that overrated orange tw@t for not providing cover in depth. WTF someone who's supposed to be playing Fullback is doing on the line I don't know. Of course, if Sidoli had better SA and didn't boot the ball into touch in the first place...
  15. I would if they were playing Scotland, DB! :oops: