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oops, can we have our l/r back.,,30000-12278226,00.html


Iraq says it has captured a British Land Rover and equipment that was air-dropped into northern Iraq.

According to Iraqi TV, locals ran to the spot where the drop was made near Mosul.

They recovered the Land Rover, with its machine-gun still mounted, and various anti-tank weapons, Iraqi TV said.

The station broadcast footage of Iraqis celebrating around the vehicle and driving it.

It showed grenades and other weapons it said were also found.

To date, there has been no official word of British troops operating in the north of the country.

Analysts said if the TV report is true, it suggests the vehicle may have been dropped for special forces secretly operating in the north.

Heavily-armed Land Rovers, nicknamed "Pinkies", were used by the SAS behind enemy lines during the 1991 Gulf War.


You can just imagine the comment from a hooligan hiding in a bush nearby “feckin crabs”. ;D


At least its giving them material for their next book!

Chapter 3 - "Why we had to walk all the way to Baghdad because of the RAF"

;D ;D ;D ;D


8) Chapter 4 - Defence Cuts SAS Style: How we stole Saddam's Limo instead of waiting for a new set of wheels...  ;D ;D


Chapter 6 - E&E

Following the successful L/R Rescue and with no ammo or supplies left (Iraqi's had nicked it all) we completed a 200 mile E&E pulling the rover all the way.   ;D ;D


;D Aaah, yes. You've got the L/R, but wait till you try to get some spares from the QM's.

All together now..."Stores are for storing, I was in Baghdad when you were in your dad's bag" etc. etc.

Mr Happy

Damn.  I have something interesting to say and OpSec prevents me.  You'll all have to imagine that it's really cool and really profound.   :eek:

Or get Woopert to PM me.. ;)
It wouldn't be the same interesting thing as I saw on an Arab news bulletin last night would it?

Are we in danger of seeing some more books?

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