Ooopss....i wonder were I put it

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by one-one-delta, Oct 16, 2005.

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  1. Could be fun explaining that one
  2. Doh!!
  3. Why off base with a weapon loaded with blanks?
  4. jeez , i wouldn't want to be in his shoes, interview without coffe and bring your chair comes to mind.
  5. Pillock :p Why would s/he have a gun in hand on a trip to Sainsbury?!

    Stand by to hear of a bank hold-up in the Herts area in the following week :roll:
  6. mmmm off base with blanks.....if he's Mod plod dont they trust them with live ammo any more? I mean if they had live they might be able to shoot the bad men if they had to
  7. OMFG!! How much trouble are you in!

    I bet the poor chap just wants the world to end! :twisted:
  8. 8O 8O Do I hear the unwelcome sound of a board of enquiry and if warranted a courts martial??

    PIRA used to love folk like this :twisted: :twisted:
  9. epic..... I bet his '1 Up' is well chuffed.

    Can only imagine going in to the cubicle to lay a cable then reaching for the good paper and finding a 9mm..... could have been risky if he needed the loo after eating biskit brown.... matter of urgency!!! is this by an chance the same lad who crashed a helicopter in south africa etc etc...... ???
  10. Are "Sig Sauer 9mm" now standard issue ?
  11. Strikes me that monkey boy is not the only one in trouble here. Some basic questions:

    Why blanks? Is that SOP in which case not particularly credible security.
    If blanks because of training who was the supervisor of the training who allowed the team to quit the range without being cleared and checked?
    Was he on duty? In which case why did he leave his post to go shopping?
    If off duty is it normal to carry arms when going shopping?

    I appreciate that Sainsbury's shoppers can be a little feral at times however armed shopping is a bit OTT.
  12. :D :D Just heard on Capital radio that.... was a female officer :twisted: :twisted:

    Career limiting move Ma'am :roll: :roll:
  13. youre barking up the wrong tree here birdie. please don't waste your time thinking about those questions. suffice it to say that somebody could have ample reason to be carrying like that, its perfectly legit, and it sounds like an honest stupid f*ck up. if it's true that is :)
  14. Noted


  15. Standard SOP's

    Female officers time of the month. live rounds are replaced with blank rounds safer all round for everyone :)