Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Howayman, Oct 31, 2006.

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  1. Royal ROPs?
  2. What kind of a numpty walks off with another mans weapon without letting him know, likewise what kind of a numpty leaves his weapon out of arms reach…

    Bad drills all-round.
  3. the LSW is quoted by the express as being "more powerfull version" of the Longer barrel.

    and that it can fire 775 rounds a minute,....well only if you can reload every 2.4 seconds....journos are such bores.

    He should be rifted though, and should probably not get the Sword of Honour...after all, he might mislay it.
  4. Who goes to ranges on bikes? Did he pedal up and down the firing point?
  5. The guns are kept in the Berkshire college's armoury and for security reasons they are signed out to cadets when needed.

    So for security reasons they are signed out.

    I wonder why they're kept in the armoury then.
  6. And pouches for 26 mags. Not even airsoft walts have webbing for that
  7. The barrel needs to be longer.

    Especially if you leave it on the range.
  8. OOPS...looks like Prince William had a panicky few appears he 'lost' his LSW whilst within Sandhurst but was fortunate enough to have it returned a few hours later by one of his mates.

    I bet his arrse was twitching...
  9. ...and now I have just seen several other links to the same story...I shall go and stand in the corner and spank myself with a wet fish...
  10. he can provide the fish, i'm sure

  11. Lets hope Cadet Wales learns from his mistake
  12. lets hope he DOESNT, you mean, we need a few laughs
  13. The prince carrying the crow canon - quality!
  14. The bit that never fails to grip my sh** is the old quote "A source told the Daily Mail:". That's like the old "Last night, the star was said to be....." (as if it's hot off the press). Media scumf**ks.