Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by whitecity, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. Where in the land of Kraut is that??
  2. It'll probably T Cut out.
  3. Is that one of them Smart cars? No? Well, it is now.
  4. Seconds before the impact, the car driver looked in his mirror and screamed, "Czech, Czech, Czech!" An L-driver too, I notice.

    (Wonder what a green L-plate signifies in Czechoslovakia).
  5. More ooops!!!

  6. What the fcuk. I think my mum must have parked that!
  7. Now that reminds me of when I was learning to drive. Dad had a Beetle with one of those 'kin long tow-bars on the back. I reversed around a VERY steep bend, cut the corner a bit and ended up with the tow bar dug into the ground and the rear (driving) wheels spinning futilely in mid-air.

    How we laughed as we chiseled away at the tarmac.
  8. Parked my car like that once when I had a flat tire and didn't have a jack.Couldn't be arrsed to flag down somebody for help.Another time I just pulled into a grassy field and dug a hole under the offending tire.Worked perfectly both times.
  9. Really tasteful Merky. Is that the one that killed mum, dad and two little kiddies on the M25 about a month ago?

    You cnut.
  10. Gosh, that's truly sheer crazyness.

    Whatever next?
  11. How about a date? I know this all-you-can-eat place.Drinks are on me....
  12. Well, from the snow in the field and the side of the road the traffic is on, I'd say no.
  13. Not unless the M25 has relocated to Slovakia and snow fell in September. :)

    NAAFI humour here not current affairs. :)
  14. Not that the location is important, but it looks like a left hand carriageway to me.