Give them a chance; if they follow the Andrew's lead they'll be tied alongside as a show of farce.
You can be sure that if this were British, BAE would develop some olive drab oil barrels to ratchet strap onto the sides, and sell them at £50,000 per barrel to the MoD despite the fact that they'd fucked it up in the first place.
Olive drab is well camouflaged at sea.

( this post may contain sarcasm)
Couldn't they just fit wheels as per the Argonaut ... held in place with tack weld and golden rivets .

Wheeled Submarine.jpg
Well they only got it half wrong, it's supposed to submerge after all.

Just rename it Titanic that will sort it.

Anyway what is all the fuss about? The Spaniards can afford the extra costs of redesigning it.....oops no they can't.
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