British troops fail to seize Karadzic
By Stephen Castle in Brussels
02 April 2004

A Bosnian priest and his son were in a critical condition yesterday after being injured in a failed attempt by British troops to arrest the world's most-wanted suspected war criminal.

A crowd of 3,000 people came on to the streets of Pale in Bosnia to protest against yesterday's armed raid, in which soldiers surrounded a church and a rectory in search of Radovan Karadzic, the former Bosnian Serb leader. The operation was the latest in a series of efforts to capture Karadzic, who has been indicted by the UN's war crimes tribunal on charges of genocide, but who has succeeded in evading Nato peace-keepers for years.

The injuries sustained by the priest, Jeremija Starovlah, 52, and his son Alexander, 28, have inflamed opinion in Pale, a stronghold of support for Karadzic, in which Nato's peace-keepers are already unpopular. Both men, who were taken by helicopter to hospital, were found to have suffered multiple fractures and head wounds. The soldiers, backed by local police, sealed off the area and bursts of machine-gun fire and an explosion were heard. The two were injured by explosives used to open the doors of the building during the raid.
At least we're still trying to nail the bouffant murdering bastard.

Next time we'll try the front door bell first. or you could stop harbouring war criminals?
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