Ooooops-joining the dark side

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by REFieldy, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. evening gentz, newby in town and good reason for joining the party now- 2 yrs in Chatham a la Med approaching and yes, as the title of the thread suggests :frustrated: i am joining the ranks of the Cone edz- Clk of Wks. "Sold my soul to Satan" as my previous in house Clk of Wks informed me- leaving the ranks of the oggies for a desk- just wanna see if anyone else out there is as insane as me. (now why am i expecting some proper verbal abuse?)
  2. You think you'll see much of your desk?!!!! Maybe when you get back from ops to check if you've any mail........
  3. giving up being a knocker to fly a "mahogony bomber" (the words of someone else).

    what has become of you :?: :scratch: :?: :scratch:

    good luck.
  4. What discipline are you studying?
  5. "feckin the lads about" :thumright: :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
  6. Hark at Knocker, bet he even thinks he's funny!
  7. at least as a "knocker" i still can think.

    not like you mud muppets, eh ????

    :winkrazz: :winkrazz: :winkrazz: :winkrazz:
  8. Knockers!! Thinking! That'll be the day! Don't think too hard, something might get broken! Just remember that once Titan comes in with its machine operated defile kit you lot will be unemployed!
  9. You'll do well to have time to post messages on here AND do your reports/ presentations/ revision.

    It is a massive career change and a leap into the unknown, but give it your best effort and you will benefit from it (as with any other job really).

    Enjoy the next two years!!!
  10. Im with clk_of_Jerks, enjoy the next two years, the course isnt that hard its just aplication at the end of the day. Getting to the Mess is the best bit, Chatham Mess is one of the best in the Army.

    give it your best shot and if you need any help make sure your instructors know. They will give you extra time if required.

    Best of Luck
  11. Blimey, the mess must have improved then. I recall it as gloomy, staffed by Aramark drones, peopled by Indoor Folk with a chip on every shoulder. Sad day when 12 Regt at Chattenden closed, the buildings were sh1t, but the Outdoor Folk were great. BTW, I'm enjoying the Knocker v Plant skirmishes....interesting to see two Outdoors (okay - one of whom is inside a nice snug cab) crossing swords over Indoor types. Any road up, keep it up, brings a tear of nostalgia to the eye.
    Good luck with the course anyway - if you want a role model, ask very old GEs about a guy called George Burr*oughs BEM. The best "C" by far, ended up as CoW of Westminister Abbey.

  12. Mate at £100 a pole (as told/lied to me by an armoured bod) do you really think that they will be used except on Ops. We have just started to receive new Lt Wt sets. So keep on banging in them orange poles knocker you know you love it. :thumright:

    Editied as bratwurst fingers strikes again.
  13. my days of using HOOPS (Hand Operated Orange Pole System) are drawing to an end. :thumright: :thumleft: :thumright: :thumleft:

    you having to edit your submissions mate, never :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:
  14. MPF is the only way gents coz you have to get some rank to do the cse and then become a desk jockey. Its a well worth it course only open to gods chosen children.

  15. MPF is the best way, however i have worked with plenty of CoW's and most of them are real good blokes, there are just a few that give thier roster a bad name.