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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by HollyGofastly, Aug 12, 2008.

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  1. I usually post on Rear Party - thought I'd pop over here and see what all the fuss is about!

    I'm the other half of a blokey in the army (erm, I would usually say better half but seeing as I'm here I'll just say 'other') and generally just here having a nosey.

    Got to say, this forum has given me a laugh. Had a pretty poo day to be fair, and this place has been just what I needed!

  2. Hello and welcome to Arrse, now do you take it up the afformentioned body part?
    Did I say hello? I usually forget that bit :D
  3. Yes.
    Only by invitation.
    ... sadly for me old blokey, I don't send many!!

    edited to say : cheers for the hello, afterthoughts are still thoughts!
  4. Then in that case I bid you welcome, invitations are still invitations, and people are persistent.
    I went on RearParty once, strange place full of moany wimmin talking about knitting, holidays and slagging each other off............ oh, hang on
  5. You sound like a very broad-minded person. That's a welcome quality around here...... :)
  6. Cheers, I do dont I :D
  7. Suits put her down she already has a blokey and doesnt want a sproggy one as well. :roll:
  8. To be fair scuba, god loves a tryer.
  9. A young blokey type holly, and God might love a tryer but its all Suits has going for him.

    Have fun over here and dont take the boys too seriously.
  10. How very dare you, cheeky shoite........

    She has a point though to be fair....
  11. Never mind eh?!

    I shall keep my wits about me scuba ;)

  12. Dont worry about your wits just keep your clothes on until after they hand over the cash :wink:
  13. No money shall change hands - one is a laydeeeeeee don't you know!
  14. Yeah, learn from scoobs mistake :wink:
  15. What mistake? You didnt seriously think that was big enough to be me did you? FFS the stench would have melted the camera lens :evil: