Oooh_Matron for MODship?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pitswamper, Jul 21, 2013.

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  1. On another thread that robust and forthright ARRSEr Oooh_Matron mentioned that he harbours a desire to be a MOD.
    The COs could be assured that mong's, muppets, sock puppets, bellwiffs, never served civvies who post cringeworthy dullness and any others who irritate him even slightly would get RoPd faster than Mel Smith's Funeral Director will be reporting sick with a strained back.
    The downside is site traffic will drop dramatically after the 'Night of the sock puppet cull.'
    Would this be a good idea?
    Voice your opinions frankly, not caring that those against will obviously be noted for future attention from the man himself.
    In your own time, etc.
  2. Fuck off you boring cunt, post something funny.
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  3. Fuck off you boring cunt, no further instructions.

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  4. He's an absolute rotter, I'll give him that, I do hear he doesn't pack much of a trouser snake. It's a yes from me, the teeny weeny peeny cunt that he is.
  5. The site will become an infestation for vermin.
  6. That's harsh coming from a ginger Kwikfit technician
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  7. Nice bite.
  8. Agreed. The mods do a great job as it is. The last thing we need is some 'short of penis' little waserk strutting his stuff with his guffawing troop of little fanboys snivelling around is every move.

    The bloke reeks of insecurity and inferiority complex, hence why he try's to large it on a website, the bellend.

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  9. Cock.
  10. I'm hung like a bull hamster, but I can lick my own forehead and can insert any item in to a lady's cunt with nothing more than time, determination and pre-cum.
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  11. You need some night music to calm you down, here have a bit of rusty cooley and have yourself a tug at his magnificence.
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  12. Fanny.
  13. Ha ha, what a sad little 'man' you are.
    In your alternate reality those who've achieved are failures and people of a like mind are fanboys.
    As your's appear to be SuperJb, NobbyD and your own sockpuppets I know which 'group' I'd rather be in.
    I'll put you down as a no then.
  14. I've got it- paragraphs. It's the paragraphs that make your posts so shit. They imply a significant change in subject or direction, when in reality you've just put a double space between two shit segments.
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  15. Groupie bellend.

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