OOOH, Teacher!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. Bet parent-teacher night was a full house..

    Crystal Defanti, elementary school teacher at Isabelle Jackson School in Elk Grove, California thought she'd give the kiddies a gift at the end of term. She cut a DVD packed with school memories and, ' accidentally' some of her sexual adventures.

    On discovering her error she begged the parents not to watch the there was no doubt that all the dad's were scrambling for the remote.

    I'm sure that, now the story is out on the www she will not lack for a new position - er- job - should the school board disapprove of her ' indiscretion '...

    qualifies for a Homer Simpson 'D'oh! ' moment, I'm thinking..

    Is there no one who doesn't film their bedroom escapades anymore?? sheesh... guess it goes with the 21st century phenom of every women sticking photties of her norks and nether regions on the evidenced by the burgeoning ARRSE file of Women Hot/Not...

    not that I'm complaining....
  2. Is she on Youface or Tubebook yet?
  3. If she is truly 'embarrassed' at her faux pas she's probably under a rock or hiding in a cave..but, I doubt it..

    No, most likely she's booked on Howard Stern as we type this and will be making the rounds of talk shows to drum up some 'support/donations' to cover her union fight with the school board when they 'dismiss' her...
  4. So no links then?
  5. most videos seem to have been removed from 'respectable' sites... I do wish Rocketeer would post such important intel in a more timely fashion... :roll:
  6. Crystal Defanti?? Who on earth is called Crystal Defanti?

    Is that her real name or her porn star name?
  7. There was a Mrs McStern who took third form maths... I wouldn't touch that with Gordon Brown's one!

    Miss Morgan who took Geography though :hump: :D
  8. Good God,what happened to the NSFW warning?
  9. Fuck me. Some slappers will do anything to get a porno audition.
  10. Times surely have changed.. there wasn't one of my teachers I'd want to see naked, let alone doing the nasty../

    they were all formidable blue rinsed A-frame dowagers with enormous bosoms and butts to match, wearing floral print tents...

    All were Miss Never Married or Mrs. Widow of some poor slob long gone...

    seeing them 'in flagrante delicto ' would have scarred me for life..
  11. I used to Wonk myself silly over my French teacher. Mind you she also doubled as the girls PE teacher so she used to come in the class in her netball skirt. :lol:
  12. I had the hots for my French teacher as well, mind you she is probably a great grandmother by now!
  13. WonK;

    you sure you aren't recalling a scene from an early Carry On movie?

    though, your memory does remind me of one teacher...her name was, I kid you not. April May.. Miss May..sigh...lived up to the Playboy Mag allusion... think I told this story more than once..
    we were taken on a skating party and one of the lads was bothering one of the girls he had a crush on.. She, unfortunately wasn't in a like mood.

    As he pressed in to make his intentions known she caught him square in the manhood with the toepicks on her 'girly' figure skates..down he goes turning every colour of the rainbow and clutching his precious jewels expecting to see gushing fountains of blood.

    Miss May rushed over, learned of the injury and preceded to unzip the lad's trousers, snatch up some snow from the ice surface and massage the injured area with a cooling emolument..all the while giving the girls a lecture on male anatomy and the reason why one shouldn't be kicked there, especially with a bladed instrument.

    the crowd grew about the scene and many a young male face was glowing with envy at the sight of her and her hands in our pal's pants.. His face was quickly turning from agony to ecstasy at the ministrations..

    Miss May became aware of his recovery and curtailed her therapy with some haste..lessons learned all round..

    'course would never happen today.. litigation, recriminations, accusation, harassment allegations, lawsuits, scandal and film on Youtube