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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SavageByName, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. Right, I'm off to my first weekend of basic training at donnington tonight. Just ran back from work to get kit squared away. Any ideas of a kit list to take, i have one given to me by a lad in the squadron but not so sure about it-looks a bit basic to me. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, if anyone has recently done this training can you let me know what to expect on this first weekend, is it all a bit bone or do we actually get to do any of the good stuff (PT exc). I have done basic before in the regs but not too sure what to expect from the part timers guide to..

  2. I can't help with regard to the question posted, but I can give some advice.


    Half five on a Friday night is not a good time to be asking questions about what you need to take tonight.

    Anyway, what's happened over the last 11 months? There must be a story there.

    No, don't tell it now, wait until Sunday night. You don't have a lot of time to spare....
  3. First weekend of RTC (assuming its the 6 weeks for non infantry) is PT, death by powerpoint on basic subjestcs such as Values/Standards, Badges of Rank , LOAC, pay statements and allowances, drill etc

    PT is a BPFA which you will be expected to improve on each time you get assessed. Your Recruit Training Team should have given you a kit list weeks ago. thing I would recommend.... take a Padlock with combination on it, as i get sick of people asking if anyone has seen their locker key.
  4. savage by name is your first name lily?
  5. You're having a laugh right? I don't think cadets are allowed on here!

    Sorry about the late reply, I have just returned from a frustrating first weekend of the cmsr.

    In regards to the question raised friday- I did basic training for the Engineers last year but injured my back, neck and shoulder in the dying days of the course. I have just got healthy enough to return, thought I woulg go TA so that I can get some further eductation time in.

    So, this weekend- I expected the whole death by powerpoint thing, and was not disapointed, unfortunately. However what really bugged me was the self discipline of some of these wannabe soldiers. Even after the badges of rank lesson (Which you can't realise how boring is after being trhough it 42 times) they were addressing the CO as 'mate'. Worse still, the CO and other high ranking officers didnt correct, or at least rarely. Something else, the state of kit, wither missing or poorly presented by these recruits was astonishing, I didn't expect trained soldiers, but I thought their units would have briefed them properly.

    Theres also a couple of guys there that had served in the regs for 6 and 7 years respectively. I can't believe that they have to go through all this crap again, I though I had it bad considering I did all of this stuff daily only a few months ago and have to do it againnow, but these lads are seasoned soldiers and have to learn how to do right turns or halt on the march. The system is a bit messed up.

    Still, only 5 more of these weekend travesties left and then just two weeks before i can get back to real army life.
  6. Thanks for the answer. I was wondering how you'd gone from starting training with the Regular to starting training with the TA.

    You really must write home more often

    Lots of love


  7. Just a quite thing about the state of kit etc. Some of the bods there may have been from specialist units like i am. We were issued all our kit on a saturday afternoon and the next time we got to wear it was the first weekend of CMSR, there were no drill nights etc in between for anyone to show us how it all works.
  8. Friendly advice mate..

    I would keep your thoughts to yourself, the TA often gets "ex-regs" who biffed basic and tell stories of how things were done in the regulars, they more often than not wind up failing TA basic too, remember you are just a crow, you haven't earned anything yet and are yourself a wannabe soldier.

    I joined a much better unit than my previous one, and although being a trained soldier I kept my mouth shut and cracked on, another lad who is an ex-matelot recruit told a million and one stories about his time in the regulars and ended up getting binned and before that ridiculed at every oppertunity. It's frustrating sucking eggs but keep it to yourself and get your recruit head on.
  9. :?
  10. I can understand the problem. When CS95 came in, we were handed a load of stuff as we were leaving on the Sunday. No instructions, nothing.

    The next weekend we had, the joining instructions said "Dress - CS95"

    What? All of it? If just bits, then which bits?

    Do we iron it or not? (Rumours abounded both ways).

    With a spare hour and a bit of common sense, you could probably get the webbing almost right. No, I'll retract that. With a spare hour and a bit of common sense, you could probably get the webbing almost all the right way round.

    This is what training is for. The blokes are SUPPOSED to look like a sack of spuds on their first day and gradually take pride in their appearance as they learn how it's done.

    I know things have changed since I went through recruit training, but our first and harshest lesson was "Forget everything that you may have been taught. We are going to teach you the correct way." Pretty difficult for someone who had been in the TA for 11 months and who, by that time, had already been instructing on a number of subjects and been through a platoon signallers cadre. (Suffice to say that I knew on Day 1 that I wouldn't be in line for Best Recruit).
  11. Reason why you now have tyo attend the 6 week RTC courses, is that in the past so many TA Regiments were useless at training the Crows.. come CMSR the recruits that hadn't had proper training slowed down the whole process and as a result..everyone missed out.

    I was a bit sceptical about RTC when it started up..but after seeing first hand the differing standards of instruction in different regiments, Sqns/Coys ,I have to say that RTC is THE best way to ensure standardisation of basic military skills across the board.

    Ok some units are worse than others... have heard about this practice of handing out 95 kit a day before going on your first weekend... again, i personally think that thats down to bad practice at a unit level.
    Some might argue that its a question of logistics..but to be honest its just bone idleness. Attitudes to recruits and recruit training have got to change.
    Lets face it. The guys we train this year could be going on ops with us next year.
  12. The CO doesn't correct the recruits, he corrects the training NCO's.....
  13. What on earth was the RSM thinking, letting the CO out of his office.
  14. Oh come on, the one day in the year he lets his coffee cup cool down, and you're all over him like a cheap suit :wink:
  15. I know, I know. I understand that you cant expect perfection or close immediately. I just needed an opportunity to stress. Trying to talk about this stuff with your girlfriend doesnt really help, so i just wanted to let off steam.

    I'm sure it will get better, as everyone learns.

    Oh, and dont worry I havent been starting every sentance with 'when i did reg basic...'

    To be honest it will be quite different, getting taught by infantry instead of predominantly Engineers, already seeing the difference and its quite good in aspects.

    Still, theres a couple of weekends left until anything good starts. What is the two week part B like? What does it involve, i assume as it is at a proper ATR that it will be a bit better?