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Only white Britains can be racist?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ex_colonial, Feb 12, 2010.

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  1. Any British person displaying the most moderate sense of nationalistic feeling is instantly branded a “racist” — but a former teacher in Tower Hamlets has revealed how intense anti-British racism and hatred by Muslims is tolerated and ignored by the authorities.

    Former teacher Nicholas Kafouris, a Greek Cypriot, has accused the authorities at Bigland Green Primary School of “upholding racism” by ignoring complaints that the Muslim children in the school were violently anti-Semitic and anti-Christian.

    Mr Kafouris told an employment tribunal that the Muslim children, many as young as eight years old, “openly hailed September 11 hijackers as heroes” and said they wanted to be “Islamic bombers” when they grew up.

    Mr Kafouris said his concerns were dismissed by the school in Shadwell and he is suing Tower Hamlets council, the school, head teacher and the assistant head for racial discrimination.

    The 12-year veteran teacher described in the opening of the Central London Employment Tribunal this week that his pupils’ attitudes changed after the September 11 attacks in 2001.

    He said he had to order his pupils to stop making remarks such as “We hate the Jews” and “the Christians and Jews are our enemies.”

    He said he filled out a Racist Incident Reporting Sheet but claimed head teacher Jill Hankey dismissed his concerns and was “vicariously upholding racism and religious hatred.”

    The refusal to act against the Muslim children’s outbursts is in marked contrast to the treatment being dished out to ethnically British children at schools across the country.

    In October 2009, it was revealed in a report from the Manifesto Club civil liberties group that as many as 40,000 children are officially branded “racists” each year as Government rules force schools to investigate every playground incident for “racial bias.”

    The report revealed that one child had been “severely disciplined” for calling two other children a “chocolate bar.” The report, titled “The Myth of Racist Kids”, said around 280,000 such incidents have been reported by teachers across Britain since the rules were introduced in 2002.

    Schools Minister Diana Johnson was quoted at the time as saying that “If racist bullying is not dealt with in schools, this will send a powerful message to children that racism is acceptable, not only in schools but in society as a whole.”

    It seems that this attitude only applies when white British people are involved, and the Muslim community, which has special status with Tories and Labour alike, are exempt.

    In a statement submitted to the tribunal, Mr Kafouris said: “Amongst Ms Hankey’s justifications for the child’s remarks she said: `If the child was older say 15, I might take it more seriously, he’s only nine, he’s only doing it to wind you up.’

    “I felt the head’s behaviour and conduct towards me amounted to direct religious discrimination. I was intimidated in the way she spoke to me which indicated ‘Don’t come back with such issues again’,” he said.

    One law for British people, another for the colonisers.
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  2. And the point is?
  3. Goes along with the old argument, why is it when a black bloke attacks a white bloke, its called an assault, yet when a white bloke attacks a black bloke, its called a racial motivated assault?

    Cue the racist bigot remarks, but you cannot be racist if you are coloured to any degree, its only us whities who are racist.
  4. True indeed !

    It is cos i is "White" innit ? :D
  5. msr

    msr LE

    And the Student Union at Salford refuse to do anything about this.

    'Do you want to socialise with your own people'?

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  6. As much as i agree with the sentiment, where is the link? Where is this article from?

    Edit: If i was Salford uni i would ban them for not being able to spell socialise correctly.
  7. Daily mail online ; feb 9
  8. Sorry Fellas. I nicked a lad for Racially aggravated assault.

    He was Black, from St Vincents and was attacking another black lad from Jamaica if memory serves. He N-Bombed whilst carrying out the assault, and I nicked him. In my statement said I was offended by his use of Ni99er and sure enough, rather than a straight assault it went down (and so did he) for Racially aggravated crime.

    Fact is white people don't feel that society is biased racially against them, so don't make the complaint. If you feel that a crime perpetrated against you was racially motivated, say so and stick to your guns.
  9. 'Own people' being other pupils visiting from Pakistan, as opposed to slightly brown British citizens.

    You should have highlighted the 'Do you want to maintain peace and unity between Pakistan and other countries?' question for your quote, because that way you could have made it sound like they have a REALLY racist hidden agenda... :roll:
  10. Hey I'm just an old white guy so what would I know..but in my estimation 'assault' is the primary crime..the rest is you sticking you nose up your 'diversity co-ordinators jacksey' for extra 'brownie' points...offended by the word 'ni99er'..?? opposed to e.g. 'opening the other guys head with a brick'..but hey I forget your part of the 'Police service'..the basic premise of reaction to 'law breaking' is not a reflex..
  11. Sorry you feel that way. If some young scrote started effing and blinding and dropping racist remarks alles uber die platz, I'd make sure I highlighted it in my report too. I can't say that I'd personally be offended were it me on the receiving end (I do have rather rhino-like skin) but I'd want to make sure the 'racist' label was well and truly hung round the little fucker's neck once and for all. After all, if he's not told or shown that what he's said is offensive, why would he ever feel the need to stop saying it?
  12. Here in the States it's long been known that only Whitey can be racist. Apparently no one bothered to pay the international postage so that you'd get the memo...
  13. Need to read 'n' note my 'bolds' and apply that which is sadly missing...'application of the obvious'...a 'black calling another black'..'Guy Gibsons Labrador'...'racial' means just that...think about it..!!..