Only two infantry units available for deployment?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by western, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. According to the Telegraph to-day only 2 Para (who are just returned from Iraq and undergoing Bowman conversion) and 1 R Irish ("the toughest unit in the army") are available to deploy as reinforcements to Afghanistan.

    Has there been another round of cuts?
  2. ah you blinked and missed it did you
  3. Some clown on Radio 4 tonight ( Westminster Hour) saying "There are always enough infantry, enough boots on the ground" or similar.

    Right. That will be why they were trawling TA Signals units for folk to do Force Protection last year....
  4. Even in my day 67-90 there where never enough infantry.
    I do think that some who have nevered served think you just give a man a rifle (almost said gun ) and hey presto he's an Infantryman. Never was never will be.
  5. Errrr!

    1 R IRISH have already deployed a full Coy+ in support of 3 PARA. And three members of 1R IRISH have been killed in action since they arrived. They are:

    Ranger Draiva - KIA 01 Sep 06
    LCpl McCulloch - KIA 06 Sep 06
    LCpl Muirhead - DOW 06 Sep 06

    Twelve more have been wounded.


  6. What are the Gurkhas up to at the moment? Surely the only soldiers in the British Army more psychotic than the paras would be a useful asset in the 'stan right now?
  7. Personally I wouldnt trust them to sit the right way round on a toilet!!
  8. correct me if i'm wrong, but the Gurkhas are the only unit that are respected as fighting troops by the Afghans. This stemmed back from when the gurkhas where there. Ronnie 8781, why dont you trust them??
  9. Having been on numerous exercises with them I dont rate them, live fire exercises with them was horrendous. Just my opinion that is all.
  10. John Masters 'Bugles and a Tiger' tells some good tales on fighting the Pathan up on the NW Frontier.
    I remember his comments on how the Pathan only carried his rifle, a few rounds and perhaps a chappati and water skin. Made him very mobile for he could shoot and scoot at his convienience.
    Could it be that now his ancestors carry light and heavy MGs, RPGs and recoliless rifles he now not so mobile and leaves himself open to attack by modern ground attack ac.
    The troops are doing an unbilevable job as good as the lack of supprt given on the political level.
  11. With increasing committments and a smaller pool of infantry to draw from its time to ask some fundamental questions about what the infantry do such as why is there almost a brigade's worth of resource tied up on ceremonial duties. See link to previous discussion.
  12. And here is one of them in training this morning.......