Only serving VC winner pays visit

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ozduke, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. Agreed. What about the rest of his career? Will he get a hard time on Jnr & Snr Brecon due to the VC????

    I have heard that he is still pretty messed up by it all (understandably) and all this attention can't be helping.
  2. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    Good to see him out & about.
    Remember this young man still has injury problems & if he can get about & do some PR all the better.
  3. Heard the same when he met the Queen to recieve his VC, she is supposed to have counsled him the the inner wounds take longer to heal than the exterior ones.. Or words to that effect.
  4. I'm sure the health professionals will have had a say before he takes off on these things. Good luck to the bloke. I hope he gets better soon and back into the job.
  5. I'm reading his book a the the moment. It seems to be a good read up to the moment. His Pl Comd in Iraq is a friend of mine as we served in the same Regt. He got the MC and is quite humble about it but says JB deserved the VC. That's good enough for me.
    If JB is doing good by going out and ab out doing these types of jobs then good news I say.
    As for the future - well until he is back classed as P2FE he won't get a 'fit for course' certificate to do Brecon. So his options for promotion are limited anyway.
    Transfer to a Corps to get further promotion?
  6. I read the book not so long ago, cracking read,
  7. The understatement of the century.
  8. He is definitely the sort of person people need to see out and about. The general public know very little about the Army but almost everyone has heard of the VC and know what it means. Good on him.
  9. For my money any holder of the VC deserves to wear the Queens uniform for as long as they deem fit. JB despite ongoing problems with injuries is doing a great job of keeping the army in the public eye.
    On reading the exploits of this young man I would say that his experience and fortitude that he continually showed on more than one occasion in winning this award is perhaps worth 10 Brecons and it's likes.
    Therefore he has effectively worn the "T Shirt" and "Starred in the Film" and he now quite rightly wears the medal and consequently we should all be very proud of him.
  10. His injuries mean that he is unlikely to be able to resume a proper role as an infantry soldier (or probably any other trade), and possibly not in many civilian jobs either. Thankfully, and in contrast to how other injured servicemen fare, we at least look after our bravest heroes and I for one would not begrudge him a permanent job flying to exotic places for the rest of his life.
  11. Hear Hear Dilfor
  12. Hear Hear!! Whether he picks up a SA80 again matters not one jot. He has 'done his bit' and i for one am happy that he does the PR bit ad-infinitum!
  13. and its ok to say Whether he picks up a SA80 again matters not one jot.
  14. He can wear his uniform forever for all I care he has done his bit and a little bit more so well done and remember there are others alive for his actions.