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Only Nuke us Once a Month Please!

Classical moment in Friday Politics:

Poland to Russia: Please keep the nuke threats to a minimum

Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski would appreciate it if Russia would stop threatening his country with nuclear annihilation — or at least limit its threats to once a month.

“It is not a friendly thing to do, and we have asked them to do it no more than once a month. But as the Atlantic alliance we have nukes too,” Sikorski told an audience at Columbia University this week.


Squiddly said:
Sounds good to me :D .
Asking Russia to "tone it down a bit", fantastic.
...especially after joining the US in their "Star Wars" fantasy games on Russian borders. One has to have a formidable sense of humor to come up with Sikorski soundbite.
You should be more careful with your wording In-Limbo. You might encourage the Russians to think that the Polish FM is inviting them to launch a nuke once a month not just get carried away with their rhetoric to often....
Given the history of Poland - sh@t on by both the Nazis and the Ivans - I suppose a good sense of humour is a pre-requiste for politics over there! 8O :D

Anyway, good drills that Pole. 8)

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