Only jail the most serious offenders?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by recaprevenge, Aug 14, 2013.

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  1. Proff Andrew Ashcroft has made a suggestion that only the most serious offenders should be sent to jail those who commit the majority of offences like theft should be punished by reparation and community type service.

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  2. And how many innocent victims will be jailed for violence in protecting their property from thieving scum?
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  3. I think that given the availability of GPS tags (when they're not being put on false legs) allows for much smarter use of community sentences (as long as breaches of curfew etc are properly dealt with)

    There's always litter to pick/ditches to dig/fences to paint/graffiti to remove and leaves to pick up!
  4. I'm not sure I see the connection? I don't think he's saying don't punish them, he saying send to jail. It's not like they stay in for any length of time.

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  5. Why can't they all just be put down?? The organs could be harvested and sold and the bodies could fuel the national grid. Everyone likes renewable energy....
  6. Because the fuckers would have to breed for it to be truly renewable, and we don't want that ffs!
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  7. Most of the scutters have a brood before they're even old enough to get sent down. So no, I dont wanna encourage it, but as its already happening lets utilise it!!!

    Fuck the benefits system off, use the nations scum for forced labour/organs/bio fuel etc, and within a few years we will live in a utopia where everyone gets free milk, bread, gas and electric as reward for being a decent member of society.

    Right, I've gotta finish off smoking this rock and go back to work.
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  8. It'll only work if there is a deterrent for pulling a sicky/not turning up to do your community punishment.

    Something along the lines of, for every day missed you get a weeks custodial, not excuses.

    And if you're a footballer p*ssing off abroad, make that 6 weeks goal to be served prior to leaving the country.
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  9. I see what you did there.
    Doesn't actually make sense like but I still see it.
  10. Starting with the politicians, I hope.
  11. What does he think happens now? It's nigh on impossible to get locked up for petty crimes. Go nick what you want, you won't go to prison.
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  12. I notice that the experts on these matters always suggest that sentences be more lenient. They have NEVER stated that the system is ok as it stands, or that penalties for a given offence are currently not severe enough. They also tend not to live, work or otherwise frequent areas where they might come face to face with the results of their do gooding proposals.

    Tree hugging poseurs, hanging is too good for them!
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  13. I totally agree! By enlarge the majority do actually do the work but an effective enforcement mechanism would be a must. I personally would rather see those types offender painting some old ladies fence fetching and carrying and generally making reparation for their wrongs than have them sitting in a cell doing F All all day long.

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  14. We need to start executing people again. Keeps the prison population down, and the rate of re-offending is 0%
  15. The rate of re-offending is 0% after being convicted. :)