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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Phil306, Sep 1, 2005.

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  1. I never said you were sick. I said you were thick. I don't have a lisp.
  2. My God. That poor woman that was run through a meatgrinder is gonna keep me up tonight.
  3. Para Junior Leaders?

    Needs some improvement though. Good Drills would have been to go to the cashpoint beforehand (ATM to you Spams) to get an account balance printout. You'd have something to wipe with afterwards and useful ammunition, perhaps, for a timely skiff, should the situation warrant it. (One lad I was in uni with pioneered this particular approach on the walk from Lord Beechings to The Varsity in Aberystwyth, and is now a promising young officer with the Gunners.) As it stands, this kid is wandering around town with huge skidmarks in his shreddies for the the rest of the day. On balance, although it was a good first attempt for the young blade, I'd have to say it was Bad Drills really.

    Yank_60, not quite sure what you were reaching for with that comment, suffice to say that I like my coffee like I like my women- ground up and stuffed in the freezer. :twisted:
  4. You say you like your women ground up and stuffed in a freezer? Well in that case you'll love this cutey.


    Mod edit: a bit gruesome some work places might not like it.
  5. Sorry, but that's sicker than any kid curling one out on the street. I think you've just invalidated Phil's assertion. However, I'm of the opinion that the dirtiest b@stards in the World are neither the Spams nor Brits, but the Japanese. I have vivid memories of one episode in particular and it's the only time I've ever started wretching while watching a grumble flick. I swear one of the girls was given a culture of amoebic dysentary to drink about an hour before the cameras rolled.
  6. How did I invalidate Phil's assertion? I stumbled upon that picture from a link he posted. I told you it was going to keep me up all night, likely from nightmares. I gave you the link only because you didn't seem to know what I was talking about. What's this about amoebic dysentary and Japanese women? I didn't catch that.
  7. Never mind...
  8. Crabtastic,I've seen the phots!
  9. Hang on. Am I missing something here? I clicked on Phil's link and got a vid of some chav curling one out on a pedestrian crossing. Was there something else (apart from Yank's link to the post-mortem pics)?
  10. Click on the photo's link and it takes you to a photo gallery of porn and generally bizarre pictures. There was one of a girl in a bathtub who was literally covered with dookie and licking her hands clean. 8O
  11. Umm, I might pass on that opportunity if it's all the same to you.
  12. Obviously caught your eye Yank. Remind me - who was supposed to be most sickest - UK or US? :D What the hell's dookie? Shite?!
  13. Think the colonial chap means Number Two's.
  14. Well, he didn't wipe his bum, I admit. That is a bit sick.

    But as for saying spams / septics are sick.... nope, don't think I ever said that. SPastic or StuPid AMerican yes. Septic tank = yank, yes.

    Sick? Nah. Ahem:

    Mentally dull, yes... unable to understand basic geography, yes... fat bloated loud-mouthed overly affluent ignorant and superficial, yes... yes... yes.... yes, yes and yes... trigger-happy, yes... easily baffled, oh God, yes yes a 1000 times yes... full of sh1t, yes... unable to spell English, yes... late for two world wars, yes and yes... unable to drink or fight but wear very large hats instead, yes, yes and yes... believe their own movies are for real, yes... and vote for a President with an IQ and attention span surpassed by the average chav dumping on a pedestrian crossing (who by logical extension can no longer have been full of sh1t and therefore by definition superior to any Spam), yes.

    Did I mention dull and ignorant?