Only in the Guardian - "paedo-pals".

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by armchair_jihad, Jul 11, 2006.

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  1. yes they are human beings too

  2. with wet cement

  3. yes I value their opinions and attitudes

  4. I belong to the Saddam school of rehabilitation, so no.

  1. The only 'love and support' they should get is the love of 40 parents booting their bollox to Mars and the support of the gallows.

    They cannot be rehabilitated. It’s genetically designed into them to fiddle with kids.

    If the Guardian want to back this ridiculous idea, let their readers 'love and support' them then 'forgive' them when one of their kids is found with its throat cut after being interfered with by one these horrors.
  2. They're not normal people, they have something wrong in their brains. They'll never stop being wrong. Well, not whilst they are still alive.
  3. Show bollox, removed.

    Then I'll be your 'mate'.

    Cnuts - or should that be 'Eunuchs!'
  4. Rehabilitation by immediate execution thus saving all your love and support for the victim is the way forward.
  5. Ohhh all you nasty insensitive soldiers! Surely units could follow the Guardians lead and be assigned a nonce apiece to spread the love and help build a more inclusive society?
  6. It's alright in the abtract. But think of your kids as the victims. These cnuts aren't like robbers and the like. They have crossed a line. And death would be too good for them. And if there is a job going, I'll put the fcukers away.
  7. I believe (slightly radical but there you go) that these are damaged human beings in their own right and therefore with the relevant amount of human rights (limited) should receive whatever treatment available to deal with their offending behaviour.

    That having been said, if one of them were to interfere with my neices or nephews I'd be tempted to send 'em to the ranges. As a target.
  8. So Medic, as I said, it is OK in the abstract.
  9. Ask any parent who the most hated criminals are and i be 99 out of 100 will say Paedophiles, the take away something that can never be replaced or forgotten.
    Chemical castration for the man and inforced Vaginal surgiry for female offenders
  10. Yes they should be strung up, yes it is the most abhorrent crime, there never going to change. But, this country is a. Never going to inflict a punishment that in any infrienges their human rights. And b. They WILL be released back into the community at some point (if you only pick up a 5 year tarrif for raping a baby, theres no bloody hope).

    I expect the concerns of the people attempting to rehabilitate these creatures are the same as ours, and they find the individuals just as vile. Whats the alternative? Lock them up for a few years with another bunce of nonce's and hope the time away teaches them a lesson? I'd suggest trying to rehabilitate is better than doing nothing, but what is blatently obvious is that the lengths of sentence being handed out by the judges are rediculiously short.
  11. From the article: How would David cope if a core member did something dreadful, in spite of his vigilance? "I wouldn't carry the guilt," he says. "It's his choice. All I can do is help him not make that choice and take action if he causes concern."

    So no guilt eh? You fcuk up, some kiddies get abused and their lives destroyed and even though you allowed it by getting these cnuts out of jail in order to be nice to them, you feel as though it is not your fault?
  12. Perhaps we should draw the distinction between offernders and those who recognise they have a problem. Apparently a good % of those who ring Childline and the like are those who are worried about their thoughts and inclinations. Problem is that there isn't any treatment available.
  13. This idea is ridiculous Most of these (hate to use the word) people are devious sneaky B*****ds They will quite happily reoffend time and time again, How many times lately have we seen this happen. Some crimes are so abhorent that there is no room in modern society.
  14. Nonces have a use in life. Being strapped to the side of a snatch and driven through an IED rich enviroment springs to mind :D