Only in for the dosh!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by JPALegend, Apr 23, 2008.

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  1. Spoke to several SNCO's last night and it became apparent that 80% of them attended regularly for the cash (although most appeared to enjoy being in the TA). Although I knew a number weren't quite well off I was still astonished to find such a high percentage and of the remainder I know TA provides a large part of their income.

    When did it all go wrong, am I the only one who doesn't rely on TA income. Worse was I found this info out as I am considering leaving the TA and the primary reason I was given to stay in was the cash factor. Only 1 said I should take some time off and then come back (overwork/stress being a reason to leave)
  2. I am not in it solely for the money, but it is a retention factor for me.
    Most weekends I come in are either because I enjoy the activity, feel I am contributing something to the unit or there for the social side.
    However, there are some weekends I don't look forward to and am there because a. its expected, and b. I could do with the money.
  3. Hell, I only come in because thats where my mates are. I've said it before i'd attend parade nights for nothing if I had to.
  4. There are over 30,000 TA on the books, each and every person has their own reasons for continuing to attend, a small snapshot of perhaps "old hands" does not reflect how the majority feel or are motivated. Do you imagine that regular soldiers are any different, monetary issues are just as relevant to them as anyone else.
  5. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Not that surprising really. I know several people who could not afford to do be in the TA if it was not paid. They would have to do overtime or another job.

    Lets just think about the maths. say that the TA pays you £4000 pa (including bounty) and your civ job pays £30,000

    TA represents over 13% of your income. Not many of us would happily accept a 10% loss of income.

    We are being pushed more and more into having a 'TA career' so it should not be unreasonable to expect a reliable income from that career.
  6. whats wrong if you do it partially for the money? fail to see the argument here.....if ppl dont get paid it becomes a hobby which in my opinion is not what the T.A should really be!
  7. Why do you think officers put an appearance in?
  8. if you attend, and provide a service (enable or become trained) then you deserve to get paid. most of us tend to give up a lot of free time for what we do, and in todays economic climate............
  9. It's an old chestnut.

    Do you or don't you?

    I think it varies with when you join, where you are in your career (TA and civvy) and the demands being placed upon you. A bit like being available for mobilisation.

    Putting it more simply (ack Polar69's view) would you do it for free....?
  10. We have an astonishing number of SNCO's and Officers appear on our recruit training weekends!! to the extent that apart from recruits there was actually only ONE Private soldier in attendance on the last one!!

    To be honest as the JNCO's take the bulk of the WHAT do they do!?

    one in particular hasn't even done a tour, now medically downgraded.....don't get me started!!
  11. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I wish to pick you up on one thing. Going on tours should not be used to measure a TA soldiers commitment or imply that those who have not are not really up to it.

    If the Army needs them it should have the testicular fortitude to call them up.
  12. Fibua weekend pay to do that :D :D .
    matts weekend hell no .
  13. True and with some it is a matter of domestic arrangements! BUT...still annoys me!
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Why would you expect to see private soldiers training recruits? They would need to have passed the relevant qualifying courses, many of which require rank

    What do the officers and SNCOs do? Well, it very much depends on the individuals, but they mainly do the tedious but compulsory paperwork, admin and training support jobs that allows the JNCOs to do the training. Just because you do not see it happening, it does not mean it is not being done.

    They are also there to supervise the JNCOs to ensure that all of the training is being done correctly, TOs being met etc.
  15. ditto (but I'm not enjoying it as much)

    True, should be double time for MATT weekends