Only in Canada you say?.. pity...

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Rocketeer, Apr 23, 2004.

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  1. well life just got tougher for drug pushers... seems the Tax boys are upset that they didn't get a piece of the action when the deals went down..
    so, not only do the dealers get slammed by the courts when caught and convicted now they're being hit up by the Tax boys for not declaring the sales tax on the transactions..some 22 convicted felons have to cough up $ 25 million in back sales tax..

    what a crock.. how much of government funds [ my tax money ] is going to be spent trying to recover this ' lost revenue '?.. from a bunch of crooks languishing in the slammer or ' out on bail ' awaiting their appeals..

    sometimes the mind of the bureaucrat amazes me...
  2. Bureaucrat's got minds??? :D

  3. Foolish, to be sure, but wait for the weirdness to intensify. Uncle Paul is rumored to be calling an election this weekend, with us plebes going to the polls in June. We will most definitely see the bureaucrat in full crazy, bloom once the writ is dropped.
  4. see how long it takes for some waster inthe US to follow suit :evil:
  5. Hey, it's the US that tried Al Capone for tax evasion instead of murder. I would have to say that you folks have already set the precedent.
  6. So I guess people will have to start paying GST with thier BC bud. :D
  7. I want to see how the guy would write up the expense report compared to sales.
    Sales tax on dope, thats a good one.
  8. Sure, but Al was also a "legitimate" businessman, who evaded paying taxes.

    Study the history of it. Tax evasion was the charge that they could hang on him (no pun intended) and succeed with.
  9. Not just Canada.

    Wilful failure to pay marijuana excise tax (and obtain a tax stamp) is a federal felony in the USA.

    You can bet that the stoners are lined up around the block to get their marijuana tax stamps.