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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by PartTimePongo, Nov 12, 2004.

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  1. Some "enthusiasts" or Darwin nominees decide it would be a great idea to.....

    Naaaahh you can watch the video, big file, but it will stream.

    They seem quite amazed the Fire Brigade turned up
  2. Yep our cousins have a habit of quoting "their" right for information "their" right for freedom of speech and action without thinking about the (often unintentional) consequences one example:

    A while ago as part of a project here we had to synthesise Lewisite tried lots of official sources this side of the sanity barrier only to be fecked off big time, looked at the other side of the water to find a book that is freely available to all and sundry which not only gives detailed information on how to synthesise Lewisite but also all other common or garden chemical agents and a few exotics to boot 8O (including an idiots guide to organic synthesis just in case the basics are missing) we ended up ordering it (I think because I didnt place the order myself) over E-Bay.

    Now here lies at least partial fault with the legal system here because (as it was explained to me) it is illegal to sell such items in the EU, but not illegal to buy them which in a uniform world is good but with the internet making the globe ever smaller not exactly practical. :roll:
  3. ps the synthesis was a success using the info from the book and we produced an extremely pure Lewisite.
  4. Lewisite ??? Is that the same place from which great grandfather mowed down hundreds of Hun with his Lewis Gun in WWI ?? 8O 8O 8O :D
  5. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    No but was intended for mowing down the Hun :twisted:
  6. it was only the engine .Survival research labs are a great bunch of weirdos there shows are what robot wars should be like :) .Very clever techy
    types doing bizarre stuff .Not to be confused with the nut jobs who write pamphlets on making home grown bio/chem weapons .ohh if only they had the internet when i was at school could have been thrown out of chemistry class for trying to make wmd :lol:
  7. OK but just the agent doesnt make a WMD you need a delivery system too........... see where I'm coming from?
  8. a V1 might work

    No :)
  9. There was a good reason why the UN was smashing up Saddams rocket motors during the 90s :roll:
  10. Unless you are Emperor Bliar, in which case neither the agent nor he delivery system is necessarily required for the presence of WMD to be declared.....
  11. Wonderful hindsight
  12. but under the right to bear arms arent they allowed to own wmd to defend themselves from the evil federal government ? :)
  13. Actually not. I understand, for example, that a tank's firing mechanism has to be disabled for a US civilian to own one. In Britain apparently a civilian can own one in fully operational condition.
    There is a fellow in Alberta Canada who has purchased a couple of Chieftains from Britain