Only in America

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Dec 7, 2006.

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  1. Serves him right the thieving little barsteward. I hope they give him the death penalty.

  2. If only some of the bottom feeders in this country had the same moral stance.

    edited for monglish
  3. Seconded. Opening christmas presents early today; rape, murder, arson and extortion tomorrow.
  4. But could the Bobbies over here even be arrsed to do anything about it if a mum did ring them.
  5. Do you think if this goes on there might be an amnesty? I've got two pieces of chalk and a pencil I took from the stationery cupboard when I was at primary school.
  6. So the mother is 27 yet the son is 12? Was she so quick to call the police when she was having illegal sex at the age of 15? :roll:
  7. I've been hearing plenty about this. Sadly, I think I will have to say that it is indeed true that this could only happen in America,
  8. She told me she was 18. That lying bitch.
  9. In my experience, the bit in bold is more properly pronounced:

    "is a little sh1t, because his parents cant be arrsed to discipline him".

    If you can just remember that simple rule, the story is so much easier to understand.
  10. Whoa There Stonker!
    could be the kids alright but the parent is loopy.
    Calling the cops?
    The property he unwrapped was inside the house and belonged to the family.

    Soon cops are going to start nicking kids for opening biscuit packets without lawful permission.
  11. Strong view based on personal experience of a nominally ADHD stepson (my brother's), whose knife-and-bottle wielding behaviour [IMHO] stemmed less from any chemical imbalance than from the egotistical and immature conduct of his estranged Glasgow D-J dad.

    View further strengthened by one particularly idle mum at my kid's school, whose vicious little offspring's behaviour is excused by 'o, he's ADHD', thereby absolving her and her (2nd) spouse from their natural duty to train the child to behave.

    Sorry - don't accept that ADHD is anything like as widespread as half these cnuts would have you believe.

    Like asthma, it's a convenient cover for sloppy parenting.

    It gives pressured doctors a quick way out of a difficult session with a patient, and schools like it because it covers their arrse, and - I think - attracts 'special needs' funding.
  12. Blimey!
    You live in a rough neighborhood don't you?