Only in America

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Wedgy, Aug 24, 2006.

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  1. With standards that high it's no wonder she's a virgin!!! 8O
  2. Wheres dogface?
    maybe a bit of relief might encourage him to calm down a bit and lose his festering adolescent angst.
  3. The only difference between that any anyone else hitting the Internet to get laid is she's going to report back for the rest of us. What's the issue?

  4. There's definitly something extremely dodgy about a biddy who's reached the age of 29 and never had a Donald.


  5. shes a comedian - thats being proffesionally "good personality"

    but doesnt cover her for being insecure, mental, bunny boiler, high maintenance, lacking hygiene or the flirtation skills of a budgie.
  6. On view of the photo, I'd sleep with her.
  7. Squaddie Checklist out

    a) Legs - check
    b) pulse - check
    c) Fur atound the whole and no nuts - check

    Well out of 10 I would give her one :)

  8. I think I will send her a ticket, and treat her to a romantic dinner of jellied eels, liquor and pie and mash, washed down with Stingo, and pints of light&bitter to show her "traditional" London, then watch in a detached but amused fashion as she voms while waiting for the taxi back to the airport, silly mare
  9. London Irsh

    You really know how to treat a lady - just put your name forward dear boy - GOOD LUCK (oh and give her one for me she has a sense of humour anyway)


    P.S Of course I am kidding as she wants a tall good smelling guy not a short guiness loving old chap :)
  10. I love ginnis, dats fer shoor, but eim tall so I am
  11. The prison wedding to your Hulk Hogan lookalike cellmate in Tijuana doesn't count.

    Is there any chance Rincewind can throw his hat into the ring? Maybe send her the photos from his sponsored walk? She's bound to start dripping like a George Foreman Grill.