Only in America

Well done to those bikers!!!

A good and responsible use of their presence.
I wouldn't mind seeing them all in body bags. Then god could point out the error of their ideas personaly. They are the sick side of US religion.
"God loves IEDs" (roadside bombs), and "Thank God for dead troops", read the banners they hold aloft.

And these people call themselves religious ???
The Westboro are a very small 'church' which consists mostly of the family members of Fred Phelps. They deliberately cause offence because they WANT to be arrested so they can sue and get compensation for hurt feelings and restriction of their freedom of speech. They need the money to keep their wee almost inbred family church going. That is why the cops leave them alone and why the Biker Guards have been encouraged to roll up. A lot of states have now enacted laws stopping such protests with 500 feet of a funeral or memorial service which should stop these morons.

Pity the Torygraph didn't spend two minutes doing research - these incidents have been all over the US blogs for months.
Good on the bikers.

Any one who disrupts a families farewell to a loved one is sick, regardless of their political motives. There's a time and a place; and funerals are not one of them!

If these idiots want to get arrested so they can sue, then arrest them. Let them have a strange accident on the wrong end of a prison guards shotgun, whilst attempting to "escape"!

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