Only in America?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Dec 20, 2005.

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    Anyone know if we have ever carried such messages on any Brit training camp? Seem to recall a LAD unit in Korea describing it self over main gate as 16th Mobile Mess Tin Repair Unit but I think that was just a pish-take
  2. Septics have got a much higher 'cheese' threshold than us.
  3. the red x isn't leaving much to the imagination.
  4. Still not working....or is it the company IT Gestapo at work?
  5. Don't think so, Croque_Monsieur. I get "access denied" too. :D :D :D Must be a bum link.

  6. aye the link is fubar.
  7. This is what was there when it was posted - onviously worked for a short while, then stopped. Let's see if it knows the rest?

    After edit to replace the link, it still does not work. Try one more time
    No go
    Must be an admin thing. Anyway, it was entrance to USMC barracks with "Through these portals pass recruits to finest corps in the world" It's in the gallery but won't come out (for me) after first time.
  8. With a German OC and an ASM who thought he was german, "Arbeit Macht Frei" at my last REME Workshop. :D
  9. The Septics seem quite fond of these inscriptions, there's a good old story about a similar inscription over a USMC barrack gates in Japan, during the Korean War. "Through These Portals Pass The Finest Fighting Troops In The World" A group of Brits and Aussies out on the lash altered the A in Pass to an I and promptly demonstrated the action through the gates, apparently a five star fight followed!