Only in America

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ark-angel, Jan 7, 2011.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    shall we run a sweepstake on exactly when some other mong decides to take him on with a FOGB gun??
  2. I give it 6 months before he is shot in the head.
  3. I saw a documentary about this the other day - can't remember which channel - but there are at least three other members of the vigilante squad. Kick-Ass, Big Daddy and Hit-Girl are names that come to mind.
  4. Anyone remember the Guardian Angels?

    I wonder if they've all been shot dead now.
  5. ... and small children, tourists, anyone who's nervous around the clinically insane...
  6. "No Officer... what do you mean, arrest for public wanking? I am CAPTAIN JISSOM, scourge of street crime, fighting the scum of the streets with the cream of my loins!"

    I foresee a whole new career for Peter Dow.
  7. I remember seeing a couple of the septic members on the District line - they were getting a load of amusing abuse from some pissed blokes and IIRC the yanks were completely out of their depth.

    The Met Police and Transport Police took a dim view of their tactics and basically warned them off.
  8. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I think the OP is right. It would only happen in America - we're cowardly and selfish in this country to bother our arrses to do anything about crime or criminals.

    There was a time when we in this country encouraged a bit if eccentricity, especially if it is in a good cause bit no more. Now we just prefer to mock others from the safety of our arm chairs.

    BTB if you have ever had the misfortune to watch daytime TV in the UK you would know that we have plenty of people who could give Americans a run for their money in the thick, useless and stupid stakes.
  9. So he is not even dedicated full time? And he shows off the store his "hidden lair" is in, wow now every customer knows its him. Seems to be a meer megalomaniac with a rubber fettish who was beat by mummy. Most "normal" folk like that just find a dominatrix to spank them and poke tobelerone up them. I really can see this ending badly and on youtube.
  10. Agreed. When I grew up, it was fair to laugh at the septics for being ill-educated, fat and humourless. Unfortunately, a large proportion of this country could probably beat them on all three counts these days. It's an unfortunate side effect of a lazy, spoilt, 'entitled' public who have been given everything for nothing. Compare Jeremy Kyle to Jerry Springer if you need evidence.
  11. All very Kickass. A .357 might be a better idea, tickling a big mean chap with a Taser till the battery dies and the tear gas will just make em frisky, but then it is Seattle, not really a Deathwish kinda town.
  12. Mark Miller, who wrote Kick Ass said he included the scene where Kick Ass gets stabbed because, "That's exactly what would happen if you tried to be a super hero in Scotland."

    Sure it looks fcuking stupid, but at least he's trying to help people. And the Seattle cops don't seem to have had a sense of humour failure: according to the papers, their attitude was basically, "Fair one. Just don't try anything too silly."
  13. "Every town needs...a Coon!"