Only In America - Toilet Swearer Faces Prison...

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RitchieRitch69 said:

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A woman in Pennsylvania is facing a possible 90 days in jail for swearing at her toilet.

The woman, Dawn Herb, was overheard by her neighbour as she yelled obscenities in the direction of her overflowing lavatory last Thursday.

The neighbour – an off-duty police officer – asked her to keep the noise down. When Herb carried on swearing at her toilet, the police turned up, and cited her for disorderly conduct.
And only from the UK would someone start this thread.
Ahh well, what can I say? 3:45am - Bored Stupid...
Bored is excusable. But stupid?
For that Sir. I have no excuse.
You shouldn't.

Grab a stout rope and attach it it to a strong tree limb.

You know what to do from here.
I have no rope. How about several dozen co-codamol?
Whatever works for you mate. Whatever works for you.
And with that, I shall retire to my pit, seeing as though I can't think of any more useless stuff to post.
Please do. Please do.

The smell of bullshit was getting a little bit overwhelming.

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