Only female surgeon to have served in Iraq ?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by 12minden, Sep 3, 2009.

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  1. Hello, sorry to intrude onto your forum but I am after sorting a problem off ARRSE. A "member" has recently joined our group claiming various medical quals (DR etc) and being the only female surgeon ever to have served in Iraq ?
    We have concerns about this person who is also claiming to be current NHS trauma surgeon and orthopaedic. I know which hospital she claims to be at but can't find any record there. Is there anyway of checking these claims ? I will not post the name on here for obvious PERSEC reasons.
    Any help appreciated
  2. ask for her GMC number

    and check it on

    which will tell if if she is actually qualified and if she appears on the specialist register

    if she is claiming to have served in the military she should have a service number , which certain people on arrse seem to have access to the relevant systems to verify service...
  3. pretty sure there are more than just one woman serving as surgeons out there
  4. She is supposed to be in ITU on chest drain and morpine at the moment ! Another member questioned her credentials and was threatened with legal action. I am 99% certain this is a mixed up person (read raging nutter) just trying to gain sympathy.
  5. Is she claiming lots of PTS?
  6. legal action for what ? asking a truthfull question, is'nt it illegal to impersonate a doctor anyway, boot them off the site if they are an O2 Thief
  7. That's what got the alarm bells ringing, just doesn't ring true. Her doctor claims she had an intercranial bleed and seizure, an hour later she's chatting away to folks on the computer !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. A Surgical Walt I think !
  9. Not sure about PTS but claims to be the "victim" that's why she was in a coma for 5 days. Seems to be 3 distinct people speaking for her.

    Not my site to boot her off, sadly. She could be charged with impersonating 3 different doctors, split personallity me thinks.
  10. She doesn't use the phrase 'totally disgraceful' a lot does she?? Surely the Chubb hasn't ratchetted it up a gear?? :-o
  11. LOL, nope not that exact phrase but some similar phrases aimed at folks who question her !!
  12. the plot thickens ! Her doctor has sprung to her defense and I quote

    "I suggest instead of you going around playing games you quit posting nasty malicious rumours about Dr $$$$$ ^&^&*&^%. This young lady has been to hell and back. Is very deeply depressed and your nasty tongue has undone a lot of hard work. She has never had one nasty evil word said to anyone. You are slanderous in your attitude. I suggest... Read more you take your cruel words and be gone. Also as a surgeon for over 20 years and decorated by the Queen recently I can tell you your conclusion on chest drainage v morphine is incorrect. John *********" (surname withheld by me).

    Anyone have anything to do with John Radcliffe hospital ?

    Tried her name (and his honoured by the queen name) neither come up on the GMC list !
  13. Those words weren't written by a doctor. IMHO.
  14. This seems a very strange case indeed! There's obviously a whole lot more to this than meets the eye.

  15. I know they are too easy to read !